Should The University Allow Jayce To Live In The Male Dorms?

  • M.G. - 8 years ago

    My question is this, if he went through the surgery process of becoming a man and he looks like a man, why would you have him in the female dorm. He now has the opportunity to sleep with whatever female he wants freely with no boundries. If this is a "good Christian school" then you would realize and accept the fact that he has male parts and he needs to be moved ASAP!!!

  • Zerkeise - 8 years ago

    Nobody thinks anymore. Rules are in place for a reason. Some think rules should be broken because they dont want to follow them. So they say its "unfair". This just makes it easier for more people to do the wrong things. Then when it becomes an epedemic on a different level, we just shrug our shoulders.

  • Deborah Akerson - 8 years ago

    He is legally a male now and I don't see why there's a problem? Its not like he's gonna be sleeping with the guys because if e went thru all that transitioning he obviously wanted to be with women so what is the problem?

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