Vote For the Best E-liquid Vendors For 2015

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  • Dee Carr - 5 years ago

    Please add both #VapeWild and #FlavorZ!! I love them both!! I just won a full line of the ultra collection from FlavorZ and they seceded my expectations by 300 miles!! Very yummy!! And Vape WILD has been my go to company for several months now!! Also extremely yummy!! Once you go WILD, everyone else is MILD!

  • dinkgirl - 5 years ago

    Please add Evilgoodvapes to this list. They have amazing juice. This poll in no way represents quality juice. Fan pages voting over and over again for their fav juice is not fair and does not represent the vaping community.

  • John - 5 years ago amazing and should be on the list I know of 15 ppl that voted for it alone

  • David - 5 years ago

    There's no Texas Rebel Juice on this list! Blasphemy! I've tried a lot of different mainstream companies flavors and none compare to Texas Rebel Juice.Plus they have a huge flavor selection, and even a create your own flavor option.Mainstrem juice companies cost much more to.I used to order Cuttwood 30mls for like $20 and other in house vape shop juices for $16-$20 for a 30ml bottle.Texas Rebel Juice has discount codes if you log onto their Facebook account at the top of their webpage, I recently got a 50% off code and only payed $30 on a 240ml bottle including $4 shipping(huge difference).They're the only juice company I order from now, because they care soo much about their costumers...not the profits!

  • Jessi - 5 years ago

    My favorite all time juice is by far, hands down, Jar Juice Vapes - The Juice Beast is spot on and makes dang near everything custom to your liking. Too many flavors to list. If you haven't gotten your hands on some yet, I would highly recommend that you do. Wicked awesome flavors, best customer service on the planet & fresh made while you wait, and the best prices you will ever find!!!!! check him out!

  • Kevin Benson - 5 years ago

    You people need to get into some that1vape. The juices are spot on. Great juice and great prices. I have had no better juice yet. Their Vape the Rainbow is like throwing a handful of Skittles in your mouth and the Raspberry Glazed Donut rocks. Breakfast in Bedrock and the BIB Milkshake kills. They should be on the list!

  • Melissa - 5 years ago

    SWEET SOUTHERN VAPES, hands down!!!

  • Don Plitt - 5 years ago

    I sincerely and wholeheartedly believe Vape Wild is the best company out there. Their flavors are spot on, their prices can't be beat, and the customer service is like nothing I've experienced before. Truly the best of the best. A very loving family who treat you as one of their own. Vape On and Vape Wild!

  • Don Plitt - 5 years ago

    I sincerely and wholeheartedly believe Vape Wild is the best company out there. Their flavors are spit on, their prices can't be beat, and the customer service is like nothing I've experienced before. Truly the best if the best. A very loving family who treat you as one of their own. Vape On and Vape Wild!

  • Danni - 5 years ago

    Please add krazievapes to this list. Their eliquid is HANDS DOWN the best I've had.

  • Jerred - 5 years ago

    Glas should be on here because pound cake is freaking amazing!

  • Dan - 5 years ago

    Smooth Liquid!

  • gordon varuska - 5 years ago

    castros flavors is the best hands down

  • Michelle Rice - 5 years ago

    Vape Wild should be on this list. Best juice, best company, absolutely the best customer service! Free juice when you spend $15. How can you beat that??!! Eric Turner is a great owner. Has at least one contest a week, sometimes more. If you haven't tried them, you should! #vapewildarmy

  • David DeWeese - 5 years ago

    Where is Vape Wild? It's hard to vote for the best when the best is not listed!!!!!!!!!

  • Sheri Goodyear - 5 years ago

    Please add Vape Wild, they have the best juice around at the lowest prices! They have a facebook juice group with over 6400 members, and their facebook page has over 25K likes! We are a very loyal group, and would really appreciate it, thanks

  • April - 5 years ago

    This is why this year they have a add your own entry I imagine if enough people add that certain line to the other section it will make a difference.

  • Crystal May - 5 years ago

    How can I vote for the best when it's not listed? Vape Wild seriously needs on that list!! Their juice is amazing, their prices are amazing, their customer service is amazing and when you purchase $15.00 or more you get 3 freebie 10 ml bottles, any order over $30.00 and your shipping is free. I can go a day without my husband but I gotta have my Vape Wild!! :)

  • barb black - 5 years ago

    addition, vape wild has great flavors, great customer service, great shipping team. hand written thank you not on invoice, stickers, free shipping over 30 dollars. 3 free 10 ml juice over 15 dollars. one is mystery flavor of the month, 1 vape it forward if u choose to do so, and 1 bottle similar to your order. they offer a sample pack of 6 for u to choose from their vast choice, which is over 15 so u get the 3 freebies. u get choice of nic level and vg/pg. They usually have a weekly contest of more than 1 winner. Besides the mystery flavor of the month, they are constantly coming up with new flavors or upgrading old flavors. I really cant say enough for this company

  • barb black - 5 years ago

    please add vape wild, over 25k likes on vapewild facebook group

  • Jane Williams - 5 years ago

    Totally wicked

  • Sheri Goodyear - 5 years ago

    Please add Vape Wild to your list. I am a member of 4 different vaping groups that all share the love for Vape Wild and we would like to see them on your list, thank you

  • Jvaperz213 - 5 years ago


  • Teresa Zymroz - 5 years ago

    Independent Vapor Company and Detroit Rock Candy should be on the list.

  • sandy - 5 years ago

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  • mark tompson - 6 years ago

    Hold Fast Vapors Jaws is by far the number one juice

  • jess - 6 years ago

    Can't believe moon mountain vapor isn't on here.

  • deb - 6 years ago

    Anna Mae's gourmet e-liquids is another that should be added

  • Richard - 6 years ago

    How do we get Vape Oddities listed? Other is beating all vendors so far. Time for a vendor change up.

  • james - 6 years ago

    Why isn't good as gold premium eliquid on this list

  • Nikki Stovall - 6 years ago

    Andrea at The Plume Room is by far my favorite company. She packages all her products with such loving care with popcorn, confetti in the color purple of course-her signature. A complimentary .5 oz bottle free of charge alone with a little gift. Nice gifts too. A charm, a Vape bracelet-very classy. I have never seen a vendor go through this much detail. Plus a handwritten thank you note. And that's just the packaging. The juice itself is complex and divine. Never once did I try one I didn't really like. I have more of Plume Room juices than any other. They are all consistent-and never need steeping. To me thats a big plus. All I can say is their juice is pure awesomeness..

  • James - 6 years ago

    Quantum Vapor has been around longer than a lot of these. Need them on this list!

  • Aileen Montesinos - 6 years ago

    High Voltage!

  • Scooter - 6 years ago

    Great Juice!!!

  • Billy G - 6 years ago

    I see V2 is not in the running or giving he chance. We all know why, give the other Co. a chance but why hide the truth?? Try to be fair !

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