Do you feel the committee is justified in its demands?


  • jay - 7 years ago

    If they are so opposed to confederate history, why the he'll did they choose to go to a school founded by General Lee. Go find another school.

  • Bryan - 10 years ago

    They weren't told about who Robert E Lee was and what he stood for. How can you not know all of Virginia was the main confederate state of most all battles took place as well the confederate capital. Maybe they were asleep when they explained the universities proud history. How can you expect to make demands, and expect a positive outcome. This is what creates a foundation for racial tensions, confront the history, learn from history, and carry on the principles that so need to be valued, like honor, duty and above all respect for the life this great general deserves.

  • Elton Simmons - 10 years ago

    OMG u attend a top tier school, and then complain about the school's name. What Lee did u think they were talking about at the school. Be thankful u got into a school like W&L in the frist place.

  • Lynne - 10 years ago

    Always whining but never satisfied.

  • Brett - 10 years ago

    I was thinking the same could someone attend a school, named for two patriots, and not think that the school might have a positive view of their namesakes? Are these really students? Sounds like whinning babies. Perhaps they should be making grades instead of demands. It used to be that character was an important part of growing up, and receiving an education. These 'students' need a lesson in character building. I also fault the history department, which, if these students are any example, is simply a propaganda organ for the establishment. You don't judge people in an historical context using your current values....that's not history. I also deplore the misinformation contained in the quotes from a book on Lee. The author is sadly misinformed.

  • J C Calhoun - 10 years ago

    Anybody that visited W & L and came away unaware of its reverence for Robert E Lee is either blind or far too stupid to be in a top tier law school. The chapel is the centerpiece of the campus, and there are Confederate Battle Flags on vivid display near Lee's tomb. There are also Confederate flags scattered all over town. It is the birthplace of Stonewall Jackson, for Christ's sake. He's buried a block up the road in the Confederate cemetery, which - surprise! - is full of Confederate flags. If these kids feel alienated from the rest of the students, it quite possibly might be that the other students don't want to be around a bunch of whiny losers going through life on the the "victim card".

  • Abdul Hakeem - 10 years ago

    Seriously, these are law school students not incoming freshmen. They conducted no research of any kind on the school they were about to attend? It strains credulity to believe that, and the wide eyed innocence story doesn't wash.

  • Abu Skalar - 10 years ago

    We Demand. We Want. Give us. Cater to our whims.
    If you fail to appease us, we shall kill all whites.

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