Did you like first episode of The Boondocks Season 4?

  • Irony - 7 years ago

    Meanwhile, while this author is criticizing a perfectly good show, a banner of Madea's Neighbor's From Hell is neatly pasted above his written work, a studio and producer (Tyler Perry) that encourages spousal abuse and woman degradation just as long as she gets him back with hot grits, instead of discouraging any abuse to begin with, like the boondocks did tonight.

    Anyone reading this site, yall better recognize the source of this criticism, because this is irony and hypocrisy at its finest

  • Faheem - 7 years ago

    Wow, this author is blind. Totally getting caught up in the semantics. After all the pressure from Flizzy to get Tom to berate his wife, he stood his ground, and didn't lay a finger on her. The only reason why woman demonizing was even brought up was to get a point across that FatAlbert1020 illustrated- today's mediocre pop artists don't stand a chance if they're not in trouble. I was proud of Tom and the message this show sent out on this episode. Plus it was hilarious, which is all a fan could ask for after the shitstorm of a show McGruder put out last season. Domestic terrorist? For real? Even after starring Tom, this season is looking promising

  • FatAlbert1020 - 7 years ago

    Tonight's episode was awesome, leagues better than the previous Tom-Sarah episode with Usher. Dialogue flowed much smoother than the previous 2 seasons, and it didn't feel like we were jumping from gag to gag like in season 3. There was a story arc that was followed, and it had an extremely satisfying end, again unlike the Tom-Sarah-Usher episode. Tom had recaptured the love in his marriage by beating the man she most adored at his own game. It also shed a very philosophical light on entertainers today; if their not in trouble or extremely talented, they're irrelevant. Look at Bieber, Chris Brown, and most other mediocre performers. The only way to stay in the light is to be on the news. It's free publicity. I was left given a different perspective, one that I never that I'd have about performers. THIS is The Boondocks I missed. Although not as powerful as Season 1, it's there. The message that had been missing from all of season 3 is back.
    Although scenes containing the Freeman's were few, they played their part well, offering awesome commentary and hilarious perspectives of the given problem. Uncle Ruckus is the most original character in all of late night TV, and he's kept in stride right into this season. The biggest thing still missing is the Huey narrative, that brilliant insight that allowed me to view the world from the eyes of a 10 year old young man. But his dialogue in this episode told us what he was thinking. From citizen arrests, to rapper lawyer-fight scenes, this episode didn't miss a beat. I'm glad we got the Tom themed episode out of the way in a tasteful fashion. Now the real show starts, The Boondocks is back, and I can't wait for next week
    Makes you wonder, maybe McGruder wasn't completely blameless. I mean, 4 year hiatus between each season, then the bland stand laid on season 3, plus the sudden hike in budget after he leaves (from $8 million per season to 3-5 million per episode), can't be coincidences. But I digress

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