State lawmakers are considering requiring specific labels for foods containing GMOs (genetically modified organisms). What do you think of such a mandate?


  • betsy smith - 9 years ago

    This is an outrageously biased poll. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • K - 9 years ago

    Most biased poll ever....

  • Vanessa - 9 years ago

    There is an absurd amount of bias in the language of these questions.

  • wendy insinger - 9 years ago

    I agree with Stacie's comments.

  • Stacie Orell - 9 years ago

    If you are a New Yorker in support of labeling please sign this petition and share the link with other New Yorkers.

    Also, for all the latest news about the fight for GMO labeling in NYS, follow GMO Free NY on Facebook:

  • Lisa - 9 years ago

    Completely inappropriate second choice. Why not just a yes or no poll? Why the hyperbole attached tot he second answer?

  • Stacie Orell - 9 years ago

    This is a biased poll. Why does the second choice imply that if such a bill is enacted that it will drive up food prices and hurt consumers in the wallet? There's no evidence such increases will occur -- the EU has had GMO labeling for over a decade without any such price hikes. If you want to get a true gauge of public opinion, I suggest you don't use anti-labeling propaganda in your poll options.

  • Alex Bornemisza - 9 years ago

    Currently, 70-80 % of the food on grocery store shelves are GMO and not only does the majority of the population not know it, science does not even know if they are safe for consumption. Labeling is absolutely key to being able to study the health impacts of GMOs. I am not religious, but I would say that it is a huge sin to society to have allowed GMOs in the majority of our food without proper safety testing. These companies provide labeling for 60 plus countries already and that mandate never once led to higher food prices. Why are we denied that knowledge here in the United States of America and lambasted by the industry with cigarette science?

  • Obert Wood - 9 years ago

    Precautionary principal for food is a good idea.

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