Are Steve Harvey's Mimi Sex Tape Comments Sexist?


  • Kay Jay - 10 years ago

    I would sugges that men are accountable for their actions also. It is true that women are held to a different standand; maybe not fair, but that's how our world works. What Mimi did had nothing to do with being a businesswoman and making enough money to put her daughter through college. She did it for the shortlived FAME and miniscule FORTUNE. One hundred K is not enough money to sell one's self RESPECT! To each his own.

  • TJ - 10 years ago

    God bless everyone who said no and realized that Steve already know from a male perspective what's up. He was letting beautiful women (mothers) know we don't need to go there!

  • susan - 10 years ago

    I agreed with Steve and appreciate what he said. I am tired of us as women who feel we need to lower ourselves to that level to get notice or make a dollar. Men are the one who benefits from this behavior. They are the one who makes us feel like object for their pleasure. We as women have the power to stop
    men from using us a sex object. If we stand up and say no more showing our bodies and putting ourselves out there for men pleasure we could make a different for the young girls that are coming up behind us. Thanks Steve!

  • DINO - 10 years ago

    Let me also add that the saying "If a man gets drunk & hangs out at a bar all night & winds up sleeping in a gutter, he can rise the next day & dust himself off & still get respect. If a woman does it, she's labeled all kinds of negative crap". That's true. That's just how it is. Even if a woman is known to be loose & slvtty, & people accept AND RESPECT her for being slvtty bcz that's "who she is" & she OWNS that outright, NO woman should carry herself like a slvt or do wh(0)rish things, especially women who have a child(ren). Labels STAY with women for life .....

  • DINO - 10 years ago

    Steve is absolutely right. It's just how it is. A WOMAN will be called a slvt, wh(0)re, trick, and all kinds of other low names if she carries herself loosely. If Mimi was a "known slvt", she'd probably get no backlash for this sex tape. It would be accepted bcz everybody knows this is who she is. Another indication is if someone like JOSELINE HERNANDEZ put out a sex tape she may not get as much bad backlash either, bzc Joseline is already known as a stripper & people may expect that kind of thing from Joseline bcz of her past AND her present, her character in general. But Mimi has always carried herself as a proud & clean woman, good mom, one who has self-respect & who is NOT into things like a sex tape & presenting herself as a slvt. Mimi has called Joseline all kinds of prostitutes & said Joseline is not fit or appropriate to be around her daughter but then Mimi turned around & she got a breast job for bigger breasts & she puts out a sex tape. #CONTRADICTION #HYPOCRITE
    It was just a bad choice for Mimi to do a sex tape - and a HARD CORE sex tape at that - she's sucking on a penis & swinging from shower rods like a monkey, having sex with her legs WIDE OPEN - OMG come ON!! Who WOULDN'T look at that as slvtty & drop negative views about it?? This woman has a CHILD. A DAUGHTER at that. Her little girl WILL find out about "Mommy's sex tape" - and what if that sex tape leads her daughter to believe IT'S OK to do that sort of thing (because MOMMY DID IT) - it's just a bad example to set for her own daughter & for HERSELF as well. Self-respect is precious. And when a respectable woman exposes herself TO THE WORLD in a sexual & loose way, she subjects herself to all kinds of negative retort.

  • Denise RICHEY - 10 years ago

    No it wasn't because she has the power to say no think of yourself and your child and if no children are involved then and only then do you !!!

  • sheritha henderson - 10 years ago

    Ok first of all I would like to say God Bless you Steve Harvey for the way you addressed the issue,it was with taste. Anyone who thought it was sexiest is clearly not understanding the Big picture. Which is as said as it may be we do live in a world where as the older generation would say: "A man can lay down in the dirt and waddle around,get up and clean himself off and all is good! whereas a woman can do the exact same thing,but when she get up she is dirty".As unfortunate as it maybe the facts are as a woman you are held in a different light now whether you care to believe it or not there are things we just shouldn't do. Steve is a father to a houseful of girls of course his words may have fell on someone toes,but the truth of the matter is he was speaking from a Father's point. And if you feel it was sexiest so what grow up and realize that we as women are accountable for our actions. Good Job Steve keep up the great work

  • Jennifer Mosley - 10 years ago


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