If the Browns take a quarterback in the 2014 draft, it should be with

Posted 5 years.


  • T - 5 years ago

    Take WATKINS with the #4 pick, and another IMPACT starter OL/CB at #26.
    At #35 take a QB to sit, learn, and grow!
    The other picks for DEFENSE and DEPTH!

    Fans will love WINNING football in CLEVELAND!


  • Alfred D - 5 years ago

    Since their restart in 1999 when they took Tim Couch as the 1 who with no team behind them still took them to a playoff appearance a few years later the Browns have twice drafted a QB in the first round. In 2007 Brady Quinn at 22, and 2012 Brandon Weedon at 22.

    The single and by far the most important position on the team the QB is crucial. To roll the dice again and cheap it with anything less than their top pick- the best QB available at 4, would be a lesson not learned from either 2007 or 2012. How anyone can miss this basic logic is incredible.

    With 5 or 6 probowlers and a 4-12 record lets wake up folks. This naive thought that a particular player other than a QB will have a major impact is absurd. Remember any pick is a risk there are no sure things.

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