Should the Raiders take a quarterback with the No. 5 pick?

Posted 5 years.


  • blue milner - 5 years ago

    the raiders need to get back to raider football,not only do they need another snake ! but some one with speed that can catch , backs like bow and allen, who can play the game and not the bench ! lets see someone that played to get in the n.f.l. not just four the money.

  • Geo - 5 years ago

    The key to any successful team stars upfront on the lines. This nonsense about QB's and receivers is great for media hype but the war starts in the trenches. If you give any average QB some time to throw the ball he will shred any defense. The Raiders can improve markedly by concentrating on improving their defensive line and offensive lines. They also have room for a linebacker. When those needs are filled they can still draft a QB in the 4th or 5th round that will be as good a prospect as anyone being taken early on. If they don't trade down in the first round I will say go for either Mack or Watson if they are still on the board. I'd go with Watson only because he is a special talent. Other than that I'd trade down and load up on picks for the lines.

  • BigC - 5 years ago

    Raiders need to win now. Drafting a player who won't see the field in 2014 won't help now. Reggie and DA are concerned about winning now as is owner Mark Davis. Remember where Reggie grew Green Bay. He learned from the legendary Ron Wolf - draft the best player available. QB in round 3 or 4 seems likely.

  • BadMojo - 5 years ago

    None of the quaterbacks are worthy of the fifth pick.

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