Should Illinois taxpayers fund an Obama presidential library?

  • JT - 7 years ago

    I think it's irony. Watching the financially irresponsible bid millions for a library dedicated to someone who is financially irresponsible. Whoever wins deserves it.

  • Ken Nolte - 7 years ago

    Problems on several levels there with this proposal. First should be that this state does not have the funds to spend. This would include funding those projects that include Public Safety and Education. We're broke. This should not even be considered by any politician that is truly doing their job of watching the taxpayers funds and being a responsible steward of the government. The next problem is the way the vote was brought on this subject. This should be put to the people of the state for a vote. Speaking of that, what is the Speaker's wife doing weighing in on this? The current occupier of the White House is by far the most divisive and least qualified person to hold the office in recent history. The thought of a $100,000,000 library is preposterous. It is time to get fiscally responsible people in government. Any politician that would vote for this certainly isn't.

  • Christine Sears - 7 years ago

    If Obama want a Library that badly, let him pay for it himself and stop spending money this country does not have. I don't see any state paying for this stupid idea. Gee... How much do we owe China?????

  • J H Bale - 8 years ago

    I find the above comments very sad. They refleck that racism is alive and well in the State of Illinois. I do not feel the people of Illinois should pay for the Library but private donations certainly should be sought And the building would be a great addition to the already wonderful attractions to the State. President Obama has done a lot for this country considering all the obstruction put forth by the Republicans and the constant voting against the ACA, and the huge waste of moneys by Darrell Isaa and his false claims of government wrong doing.

  • Mass Voter - 8 years ago

    Maybe this uneducated woman needs to read the National Archives

    "A Presidential Library is constructed with private or non-Federal funds donated to non-profit organizations established usually for the express purpose of building a Presidential Library and supporting its programs."

  • gale - 8 years ago

    I agree the situation in Illinois is such that there is no money to pay our bills let alone place money, which we don't have, for something we don't need.

    This is laughable..if not so sad..where are our legislature..does anyone believe in being fiscally sound..I know that is a hard concept to grasp for Illinois but it is time..we are losing people all the time because of the taxes..

  • Robert M Hickman - 8 years ago

    I can not see why anyone would want to spend a dime on this lying traitor? This guy is way worse than carter ever thought about. No one will ever compere to this idiot.

  • Bryan - 8 years ago

    No matter how you feel about the current president the fact of the matter is, the state is broke and the man is still in office! I'd like to at least give this a few years before it is built, that way "all" the information can be put in there, and I mean all. Even then it is arguable that the state should even be in the middle of this. How many schools or roads could be repaired for 100 mil?

  • Wilma Torres - 8 years ago

    The absolute WORST Pres.(after Bush & Cheney ) that we ever had Does NOT deserve a damn Library!!!
    He has ruined and Disrespected Our Country and besides he was born in Kenya so he is not a
    Patriot of Our Great Nation !! God Bless America

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