Which woman do you want for the first female U.S. President?

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  • Barbara McDowell Whitt - 8 years ago

    As of November 28, 2015 when I discovered this 2014 poll and cast my vote, Condoleezza Rice had 137 votes, and Hillary Clinton, 136.

    On Twitter at @BarbaraMcDWhitt I've been promoting Clinton as the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate and Rice as her vice presidential running mate.

    Clinton, like her father, was a Republican who campaigned for presidential candidate Senator Barry Goldwater but became a Democrat when she was a student at Wellesley College.

    Rice, like her father, was a Republican who became a Democrat because she didn't like the foreign policy of President Jimmy Carter.

    In my view, Rice should become a Democrat again and run with Clinton in the 2016 presidential and vice presidential election.

    They share many attributes, including their foreign policy experience as former Secretaries of State and their efforts in behalf of women, children and families.

    Clinton and Rice should be elected President and Vice President in 2016 for a 2017-2021 first term and should be re-elected in 2020 for a 2021-2025 second term.

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