What new reporting measures/metrics areas are most important to you? (Select up to two) (Poll Closed)

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  • Doug Thompson - 7 years ago

    I agree with Joanne's comment, the info box in our reports does not provide enough information on how the data is collected/filtered or processed. When a KPI raises questions about how some segment of our operation is performing we want that added detail to help determine a root cause.

  • Joanne Tuller - 7 years ago

    More important to us than new reporting areas would be increasing the level of detail and the up-to-dateness of the documentation for the existing reports. We regularly find that we want to know something about the 'innards' of a particular measure or report and can't find that information in the documentation. It's inconvenient and embarrassing when an end-user asks us a detailed question about what 'counts' for a specific measure, and we can't answer without opening a ticket and waiting for DRVS Support to respond. The response usually comes within a couple of days, which we appreciate, but we'd rather not have to ask - especially when we're trying to use DRVS results for a particular purpose and can't proceed with our work until we hear back.

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