How do you pronounce Syracuse?

  • Ruth - 5 years ago

    Growing up in Buffalo in the 50s and 60s, we said SAIR- a- cuse (soft s sound, not z sound at the end). When watching the Seminoles (Go Noles!) play Syracuse (Some of my cousins from Rochester went there. It's in my home state.), the discussion of the pronunciation comes up. The different sportscasters vary. It's a fun topic.

  • Brenda - 7 years ago

    Pronouncing Syracuse as "Sairacuse" is like the residents of Oswego who call it Swig-go. Not cool!

  • Who Gives a $hit? - 7 years ago

    What a stupid argument. Clearly trying to take the focus off the ever-rising price of tuition and declining job placement rates. I've lived in Syracuse or within 25 miles for my entire life and not only is the first time I've ever heard anyone argue about how to say Syracuse, it would also mark the first time I've ever heard anyone corrected for saying it "the wrong way." And how the hell would someone who isn't even from here have the authority to declare the proper way to say it? Typical Syracuse entitlement.

  • Molly - 7 years ago

    It's Sara-cuse (bear). I've only ever heard people who are not from here call it Sear-a-cuse (deer), i.e. SU students and the media..
    And it's Loh-die, and Suh-line-ah.

  • Tammie McCann - 7 years ago

    I always thought it was pronounced Sara cuse. I was born their and that's how we always pronounced it.

  • Bill Roberts - 7 years ago

    It seems "down-staters", with their unique style of mispronouncing nearly everything, have hung Sair-acuse on our lovely municipality.

  • vinny - 7 years ago got your pronunciation from Wikipedia.....but if you check sir-uh-kyoos is the first preferred pronunciation.

  • Lisa - 7 years ago

    Syracuse (/ˈsɪrəˌkjuːs, -ˌkjuːz/; Italian: Siracusa pronounced [siraˈkuːza]
    It's sear-a-cuse. Sir is just wrong. The 62 people that voted that (thus far) need to move. ;)

  • jeff - 7 years ago

    If you have any doubts about how it's supposed to be pronounced, in your head sound out 'Syracusan'. What's the only logical way to pronounce it?

  • Carol Eley - 7 years ago

    About time someone brought this up. I cringe when I hear SAIRacuse! Now what about Salina Street?
    Suhlina or Saleana? That one gets me also especially when it is from someone in the media.

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