With the 11th pick in the draft, should the Titans

Posted 5 years.


  • TitanTexan - 5 years ago

    Technically, it's only been 3 years (two if you don't really count the first year where Hasslebeck was the starter), and in those two years injuries has hampered his ability to play football. This is Locker's last stand so to speak. Whiz is a pro and he knows a QB prospect that can be molded into a successful player than one that is limited to a back-up role. He was playing well and improving each game, especially when the team started gaining confidence in his abilities, which is why he was pretty much a non-factor in the Steelers game, that and they wanted to run the football more than pass. Houston was actually a very good football team at the beginning of the season and just unraveled once Schaub had pick-sixes in multiple game and they loss Cushing again and the Ed Reed signing was a bust. If you watch that game the Titans were backed into their own endzone most of the game thanks to Lechler. But he drove them to the endzone in seven plays within one drive, which is impressive. Now the main reason why Ken wants Locker to succeed is because he witnessed it first-hand in the Chargers game, but make no mistake HE WILL draft a back-up plan in the draft in Jake isn't ready by mini-camp or gets hurt again. The Jets defense is good, but consecutively had poor field position, which led to red-zone TDS (which is something Locker supposedly struggled with). I was excited to see what he could doin the second half until he got hurt on a late hit. He showed heart and determination coming back for the 49ers game, but he completely 100% percent since the Jets game. He will get another chance to lead Tennessee, but Whisenhunt has been showing a lot of interest in Carr and Mettenberger, while he did go to Bridgewater's pro day (which I think a lot of teams are sleeping on Bridgewater especially if they're looking for a pro-ready QB). It should be a fun battle to see who comes out on top, but I wish Locker the best.

  • Titans423 - 5 years ago

    Time to move on. It has been 4 years now and we are still wondering what we have, That isn't good. If he plays well again this year so what, that still doesn't warrant a contract extension on one year body of work. You hear fans saying he was playing great before he got hurt we were 3-1, but look at the teams we played to get 3-1. We played Steelers who got off to a horrible start and we won 16-9 because of our D alone. Then we went on and played Houston which was the worst team in the NFL last year and we lost that game. We played the Chargers which was the best team Locker faced and we won on a Jump Ball to Hunter. Then Locker had one of his best games beating up on the sorry Jets before getting hurt. We are now in the last year of his contract and still don't know if he is the guy cause he stays hurt. I like Locker and would love for him to succeed but he his a mobile QB that stays hurt and is very inconsistent throwing from the pocket which is a problem and we will constantly be going to our 2nd sting QB if we don't find another QB. If Bridgewater is there we would be making a huge mistake not taking him or another QB that they have graded high just as long as it is not Carr.

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