Who do you want to be the next Tower Hamlets Mayor?


  • edwards - 10 years ago

    whatever the outcome we see that there are once more to be interpreters to 'help' the large
    Bangladeshi population' 29th April Ev Standard pp:8 -
    Can't imagine why, as the large Bangladeshi population will vote as they are instructed
    in very blunt terms anyway - witness last travesty of election. I think in fairness the non Bangladeshi
    speaking voter should also be allowed interpreters to tell them exactly what is being said to the
    Bangladeshi, who, construing English or not, surely know how to put a cross against a name on a ballot slip.
    * be interesting to see if Mr McQueen improves his percentage nearer to the 22nd May - Here's hoping.

  • a docklander - 10 years ago

    Just realised that you are missing Kwaz Ali from the poll pls include him

  • Andrew - 10 years ago

    John Biggs has not got the time nor does he have the commitment to sort out our rotten borough

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