Should the NBA force Clippers owner Donald Sterling to sell the team?

  • common sense - 6 years ago

    Michael, Michael, michael where to start. Hum, first and fore most the u.s is already on the brink of a third world country. Somewhere in the 16 trillion dollar range in debt, almost every thing is made elsewhere but here so barely any decent jobs here, the country where in debt to is producing close to 10 mathmaticiton per h.s drop out we have. They also have more people at a proficient level in computers then we have in this country and their the only country on the planet with a million man army. And guess what Michael......Their COMMUNISTS!!! I personally don't agree with communism, but thier government is obviously doing something right. Unlike ours who invades oil rich countries when we just so happen to have a president in office who by the luck of the draw owns oil companies. I cant give jr the credit of being a master mind on that level but i will his daddy and he is daddy's little puppet, not to mention they haven't attempted another "attack" except when daddy was in office. Im just saying when everyday firemen are saying they here bombs going off in the building red flags go up. Honestly I don't approve of allowing anyone in the country that wasn't born here that should trim down "terrorist attacks." Sorry to break it to you your just another pon in a rich mans game of chest. Army uses you and abuses you, Vietnam should teach you that. Only way im fighting for this crooked gov. Is if the fight gets brought to our shores. Yes I love this country, not for its "promise" to its citizens because that promise wasn't ment for u or me, it took 100 years to pass and a god send by the name of Lincoln for our inclusions of that. No I love it because everyone and everything I love is here and I will defend THAT n that alone with my life, the rest is nothing more then politics n bullshit....oh yea his "property" you spoke of is a team of men, although he spoke as if he owned them, they are not his property,and he didnt give them shit they worked hard for it. They made him twice as much money then he spent to get them to play. True professional don't discuss their employees in that manner regardless how you feel personally about their race. Idiots.

  • Houx - 6 years ago

    Why, what difference does it make nobody got died. BFD, he said something to a his mixed race girlfriend and now she is blackmailing him. Let his wife take care of this. I guess the girlfriend should have to register a sex offender, the thought of those two having sex is so offense to me I am sick.

  • Michael - 6 years ago

    I am African American and I could care less what anyone thinks or says since I fought for this man to have that right in Iraq and Afghanistan. He did not stand up on national tv and say these things and even if he did it is right!! You are really bordering on communism by trying to take a mans property away for something he feels or articulates. He is and always will be a citizen with all his constitutional rights. I think this sounds a lot like the SALEM WITCH TRIALS that puritans used to gain property by accusations and killing off the owners. No one has the right to take someone elses property or tell them they cannot have an opinion and express it. He didn't threaten or break the law in the least. As for all of you insulted people please your just looking for anything that screams racism so that you can jump on the "I am a poor insulted minority" bandwagon. That doesn't define me or my children and I am insulted to believe that this mind set is still in place. Get over it, the 50's are over and there is no segregation, stop being greedy, before you turn this country into a third world reject!!

  • common sense - 6 years ago

    Lmao, dude is racist as hell! Its hilarious how you all are pissing an moaning about "free speech". If you really believe in that lie, then I challenge you to board a plane take your seat and yell "I HAVE A BOME AND IM ABOUT TO BLOW THIS PLANE UP!" Count the seconds til ur in cuffs or a gun pointed at u. Tweety your not very informative. Chicago over 70,000 gang members of course theirs violence. Detroit, one of the poorest cities in the country. Any socialistic report will say proverty breeds violence. Quite frankly "at" was right, he had no choice but to have black players if he wants to win. You should really become more of a history buff before you speak Mr. Tweet, white people have committed savage acts on catostrofic levels. Knights Templars, Spanish inquisition, running out the rightful land owners of what we call America, enslaving an entire race on this land mass, and south Africa. You know, shit like that. It may not seem right but what goes around, comes around. White people can't publicly speak badly about black people without looking like a hateful racist, so what get over it. If it makes you feel better consider this along with affirmative action which was put into law by ya mans G. Bush by the way as retribution for the hundreds of years of slavery, all the unjust rapes, murders, and relentless sadistic prosecutions of black when all they tried to do was create a better life for their families. CALL ME CRAZY, but if it were not for all this, if whites as a race actually saw people different from them as equals from jump street these conversations would have never taken place.

  • Tweety - 6 years ago

    Sterling has the right to express himself any way he wants to. I can't blame him for not wanting blacks to attend. Look at Detroit and Chicago. Whenever blacks congregate there is violence. Sharpton, Lebron and Johnson should shut their faces. They are the true racists. The NBA isn't diverse. It's loaded with black players. If Sterling were racist he wouldn't have hired them in the first place. What he said was reasonable.

  • Free Speech - 6 years ago

    You have the right to be a racist in America. You have the right to be a racist and own an NBA team. You have the right to be a bigot, join the KKK, espouse any sort of anti this or anti that speech you want. The people we should be worried about are "Magic" Johnson and LeBron James, and everyone along those lines parroting the 1984-ish hive mind like thinking of "there's no room" for this or "he should sell the team" for having thoughts or beliefs that are disagreeable. THAT is what is terrifying.

    I may not agree with what you are saying but I will fight to the death your right to say it. What ever happened to that?

    If "Magic" Johnson ans LeBron james & Al Sharpton, et al had an OUNCE of pride, self confidence, and credibility, they would say, that's OK, he's allowed to have his opinion, and I am sure the free market will work it out. Instead, the marches are already planned, and the perp walk won't be far behind. Disgusting

  • at - 6 years ago

    Sterling is a coward, and a hypocrite. If you feel so strongly about dis liking Afro Americans why be associated with them? Why have them on your team? Why date one? Are you intitled to your opinion yes, your more than welcome to it. But why contradict your actions between your words? Afro AmericansĀ are okĀ as long as they make you money, their ok as long as the one on your arm admires from a distance or has no interest in the men of her race. I seriously doubt anything would've be said if she instagramed a pic with the great Larry Bird. So to a person with logic, or good old fashion common sense it seems your only ok with afro Americans when it benefits/profits you. Do yourself a favor an release all of your black players, and rebuild a team of a race you approve of. Oh wait, you wouldn't make any money then. History supports the fact that Afro Americans revolutionized football, basketball, and baseball on a competition level as well as profit margins. Honestly I really can't comprehend why their are such cruel, barbaric feelings toward people with African roots. Their always have been and I have yet to hear/discover one single logical reason as to why they exist. Would love for someone to explain it to me cause i can't understand it.

  • dan teegarden - 6 years ago

    irvin johnson is as much a racist as he says the owner is. why is there never a hew and cry when the blacks kill blacks but you never hear from irvin johnson. i put johnson, jessie jackson, black caucus, al sharpton, obama ,holder, harry belefonte(there is no bigger racist than him) most liberals as the biggest racist in the country.

  • Teresa Hermiz - 6 years ago

    I listened to the whole recording and it is obvious that Sterling is not a racist. His crime is living in fear of the opinions of others. Like most people he lacks the courage of his convictions.

  • Me - 6 years ago

    What he said was vile and disgusting but we do live in a free Nation still right? Are we not protected under the 1st Amendment to the Constitution? Let the community and the team deal with it. He's a jerk but has a right to say what he wishes just like you and just like me. Squash one mans right to free speech then yours can be as well.

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