If South Alabama had an on-campus stadium would it change your decision about going to Jags' games?

  • C.McG - 7 years ago

    People worry about crime around Ladd...have you looked at the recent crime on South Alabama's campus?? Rape. Murder.
    Also, do not forget that Ladd is much easier to access via interstate than South's campus.

    Yes, Ladd is an old stadium, but South has the opportunity to help the City of Mobile in making the stadium a nicer place and bringing big name teams to the city.

  • jag#1 - 7 years ago

    You worry about parking? on campus? but not at Ladd???

    ummmm okay

  • mjh - 7 years ago

    I worry about safety in and around Ladd Stadium; although crime all over Mobile is out of control, I would much prefer to attend games at a stadium on campus. I haven't bought season tickets, because my husband travels, and I wouldn't feel comfortable taking my son to Ladd Stadium by myself.

  • 1jagfan - 7 years ago

    Already a season ticket holder. I worry about parking on campus.

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