If Amazon had to do it, I'd be okay with them cutting...


  • Bufo Calvin - 9 years ago

    Thanks for writing, John!

    I'm curious: where would you go? The things that I listed are generally ones that Amazon gives and that others don't. Let's say they cut the Kindle book return period to three days, or dropped Kindle MatchBook. Would you stop using Amazon? If so, where would you go that would be as good or better?

    Thanks for writing, Carol!

    Sure, I'd rather keep everything I have...but I'm not leaving Amazon if everything on this list goes away (unless other things change, too).

    You can still create Listmania lists:


    You can also search them on that page.

    They may have gotten de-emphasized by Amazon's Collections feature:


    You might enjoy that feature even more. :)

  • Carrol Jordan - 9 years ago

    I more than make up for the cost of prime. I don't begrudge them increasing it, although I wouldn't want that to be an annual thing. I am glad to pay them more for the services they provide. Where did the Listmania stuff go? I found that networked me to new and wonderful books. BRING LISTMANIA BACK, please!

  • John Casteel - 9 years ago

    they start taking away and I'm gone. I am not likingthe increase in prime.

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