Do you think the Clippers players should boycott?


  • Richard Smoothwood - 10 years ago

    How hypotical of most of the people commenting on Mr. Sterling's lifestyle. I am a big fan of Manic Johnson, however, I would not want my girlfriend, whom I am intimate with hanging out with him. Many of the players and critics have probably made comments in their private life that would be worst then some of the things MR. STERLING SAID ABOUT AFRICAN AMERICANS. I here worst in classrooms and at sporting events made by AA adults and teenagers.

    His lifestyle is one that is growing in popularity and is as ancient as the old testament and practiced by some of the very people condemning him. Judge as you would be judged.

    Their is an old saying "clean out your own closet before you start cleaning your neighbors.". He is an 80 year old man who expressed the prevailing values of his generation. Don't be so quick to persucute someone for their personal beliefs. The practice is very dangerous and awekens practices of the past that had many burned at the stake, lynched and murdered I.e. The Salem Witch Trials and Jim Crowism.

  • Jayron Reed - 10 years ago

    You can look at this from any point of view. If it was me, I would play and not be bothered by some old mans opinion. Why allow a narrow minded individual disrupt a whole league of players and a fan base of millions, let alone, a whole nation? The media will feed this fire for a long time. Forget him, don't let it get to you! I personally would laugh it off. Keep playing and go after that championship that you have always dreamed about. Keep playing and earn those millions of dollars that are coming your way. However, there is a flip side to it, as always. Boycott the rest of the season. Give up this opportunity to win a championship and make millions of dollars. Boycott because you truly believe it would make a statement big enough to make a difference. If this incident is really that big of a deal to you, then make your statement. If that old mans mumbled hate speech ,that is confined to the privacy of his own home, really hurt you, then don't play for him. Forget him, move on. If the whole team boycotts the season, it would make the biggest statement possible. It would state that you are all willing to give up some of your dreams and your potential fortunes to battle this hatred! That statement would stand out to the whole country and would have a pretty heavy impact. Making that decision is up to these players. Do they want to do it for themselves and keep their fortunes and chase their dreams? Or Do they want to sacrifice some of their own dreams and fortunes for a potential unparalleled impact on the fight against hatred and racism? Do as you please! But, if this really hurt the players as bad as they built it up be, then they need to make that big statement. Otherwise, the players will have no impact on this situation at all.

  • Gary Furlong - 10 years ago

    I totally disagree with any player(s) boycotting the Clippers games,I feel that the owner has showed the world how unprofessional he is as a person and the players should show its fans how professional they are as players .

    God Bless,
    Gary Furlong

  • mikeywaz - 10 years ago

    Boycotting the game would be like boycotting airlines after 9/11. Don't let one stupid man have that kind of power.

  • Marie - 10 years ago

    Play for your sake as a player & fans. U won't have the "what if " question if u don't. Sterling is rich and unfortunately financially lhe'll laugh all the way to the bank. If he truly cared for people This would hurt. Just pray u guys can resolve after season going forward. U did nothing wrong

  • Mariann Pepitone - 10 years ago

    Charles Marler: Your dreaming. That other team is going to play hard to win also. I hope the Clippers lose. For the sake of Sterling for turning their back on him. Anyone that buys a basketball team doesn't mean they like blacks. They like the money it brings in. But they won't admit it like Sterling. And that girl he went with does not look white. She will date any man that has money and she is a first class tramp. She stole from Sterling's house and his wife has a lawsuit against her that's why she turned the tapes over. She apparently tapes whatever her date says and he doesn't know it. She needs to be called into the court room when Sterling goes to court and you can be assured he has top attorney's because he is a billionaire and can well afford it. I am for him not the team or the commissioner who was forced to say what he said.

  • Mariann Pepitone - 10 years ago

    Charles Marler: And I hoip they lose. The NBA used their own lawyers and his ex tramp girlfriend who turned the tapes in because Sterling's wife has a lawsuit against for theft of 1.8 million dollars. Sterling is not dumb. He has 1.9 billion dollars and no doubt this will be a court case. Its not that easy to force someone to sell the team without court. And it could take over two years to settle. The Clippers are acting like children and should grow up and get over it and play the game. They are too old for that. And othere teams should stay out of it. Its not their concern or not the concern of Magic Johnson who has HIV or Michael Jordan who cheated on his wife and remarried a white woman.

  • Dave - 10 years ago

    Do not agree with the owner at all. But the players should play for themselves and the fans. Why let one small minded person take away from others that enjoy the game of basketball or any other game for that matter.

  • Mariann Pepitone - 10 years ago

    No, they should not boycott they should play the game. They are too old to be acting like children. And what Sterling told his ex-girlfriend has nothing to do with the team or the commissioner. That was a private conversation even if it was taped. What about the whites that played on the Bulls team. They all left. Why? I believe they didn't want to play with blacks. And this woman is a tramp who will date anyone with money. She has never worked in her life. And there are a lot of phony white people going to the games that don't like blacks they just like basketball. If Sterling doesn't like blacks that's his business not the teams or the commissioner's. But this will be a long court battle and he has 1.9 billion to fight it.

  • Charles Marler - 10 years ago

    The latest comments emanating from the league office appear clear and inclusive. I hope the Clippers players will rally around the team and the league and celebrate their victory in the playoffs.

  • Fred - 10 years ago

    Of course they should boycott. The game is not as important as the statement, and if they win, it will just help to ignore the issue.

  • VAS - 10 years ago

    The comments this guy made shouldn't just effect black people. Anyone that believes this guys views are WRONG should be effected. We as people have so much power but refuse to band together to use it. I hope all that feels this guy is wrong makes the right decision to boycott.

  • james - 10 years ago

    Mark Jackson and Golden state should boycott the LA and not come over here.

  • Olufemi F. - 10 years ago

    To miss an exciting playoff game and make a statement,would be worth it in my opinion. Its wrong bro to hate the people that basically carried you to the upper upper echelon of life and success,from the players to the front office, and the fans. Its the playoffs i know i love basketball,but i love me more and they should feel the same way.

  • Sam - 10 years ago

    It's easy for someone to tell someone else to boycott a game, when they don't have to pay for the tickets and miss an exciting playoff game.

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