Would you accept paying $15 to see your GP

  • Peter - 6 years ago

    What free Doctor are these guys referring to? Have they forgotten we all pay $1000's for the medicare levy.

  • Natalie - 6 years ago

    I think it's disgraceful that there are no budget controls in place for politicians administering the country's funding!! When Howard took over from labour in 1996, they sold off assets to fix the deficit then from labour and here we are again solving the deficit due to complete mismanagement from politicians such as Carbon tax ?? What a joke!! When are politicians going to take responsibilities instead of hitting families and aged in the back pocket and going through this cycle of labour deficit mess and then the liberals pull back too hard and the only to have labour mess it up again. Perhaps look at the controls of each government instead of blaming the people for the poor decisions of government and wasteful spending on consultants such as the commission of audit $2.5m and Deloitte who have no operational understanding! What people don't realise is that the government is prepared to cut jobs in the public service and freeze recruitment which is fair however, this then results in very expensive contractors engaged at triple the cost !!!!! But they are prepared to slug pensioners and families who are slugged rediculous child care costs ans poor pensioners can't afford to eat properly let alone go to the doctors as cost of food is so high. They need to look at their political management practices first before hitting everyone else!!

  • Simon - 6 years ago

    Does this mean if I no longer have access to medicare benefits I no longer have to pay the levy? I guess not! The medicare levy is means tested, the more you earn, the more you pay. I am happy for not benefits, just don't charge me the levy then. Its like paying for an insurance policy but the insurance company will never let you claim.

  • Doris - 6 years ago

    I don't understand what people are complaining about. $15 to visit a GP is not a huge amount. Most people I know spend nearly that on lunches and coffees on a daily basis. Some people need to open their eyes and take a look at how people live in other parts of a the world. A little bit of perspective can go a long way. I for one feel very lucky to live in a country where I can access great health care for a reasonable price.

  • bIll - 6 years ago

    At present I receive $36 back from medicare for a $76 visit to the doctor. So what I think there saying is that I would only get $21 back from medicare with a out of pocket expense of $55. Maybe they need to look into some practices of our GP such as charging a full consultation for writing out a script and only treating one issue per visit

  • Julie - 6 years ago

    The devil must be in the detail on this proposal - how is this to be administered - by the medical practice (another administrative overload imposed by Government ?). As many have correctly observed most patients pay more than the proposed levy already. The real disadvantage will be for those with a chronic disease - an area where health professionals are more proactive in treating/managing patients to help avoid (where possible) - the condition worsening & becoming a heavier cost to the health system & patient. If these co payments are required for these preventative measures - it is a very short sighted approach indeed.

  • samantha - 6 years ago

    $15.00 to see a doctor would be a damn site cheaper than the $100 i already pay for a general 15 min GP visit.

  • Bradley - 6 years ago

    Who are these people that pay less than $15 for a GP visit already? Anyone complaining that they pay a doctor

  • jim - 6 years ago

    No problem with contributing to a doctor's visit, as long as the medicare levy is erased.

  • jezza - 6 years ago

    Wake up Australia it's time to pay your way. I'm happy to see the government dealing with welfare despite the cries of the "entitled"

  • Darkside... - 6 years ago

    There are some fundamental requirements for a country to become a strong nation; compassion, resolve and unity. Australia is one of those few countries that others can only envy. The provision of free healthcare, education and aged pensions are something that all Australians have been fighting for since we became a country and make us stand out from all the rest. For those of you who choose to point your finger and accuse other Aussies of not pulling their weight I say to you, get back to where you came from because your definitely not Australians.
    Four generations of my family have fought in wars to protect the rights of all Australians. Four generations have worked and paid taxes to build this country, to ensure that every last one of us is provided for. Some died in their efforts, some became old and crippled and several did it as volunteers never ever asking for anything in return. So if your running a bill for your tax expenditure let me tell you that you couldn't even begin to pay the bill for what some before you have contributed to this country. My advice to you is to stop paying "taxes", get on your high horse and piss off mate. I'm sure there's some third world country somewhere that will treat you like the high and mighty that you think you are.

  • Hales - 6 years ago

    I keep on hearing “It’s only $15!” well on top of the $80 I already pay to go to the doctor that nearly $100 per visit.
    If I had to pay that every time I need to go and renew a prescription or a follow up visit on test results, it’s just too much.
    I already pay huge costs for private health insurance that I get absolutely nothing for....how long do you expect to constantly increase prices and taxes across the board before the average income earner gets put on the street???
    Apart from that, it’s all good for those people who have no illnesses to say “I only go to the doctor once a year when I’m really sick”...well not everyone has that luxury. I’m sure if you’re in a position where you have an illness that requires medical treatment on a regular basis, you’ll be changing your tune.

  • Deb - 6 years ago

    We already pay $30 gap to see a GP, so if I could pay $15 I would be happy

  • KR - 6 years ago

    I think we have to protect Aged & Disability Pensioners from any increases (although I know of a number of Dis.Pens in their 40's who are rorting the system. We are in this situation because of the previous government spending with no thought of who would have to pay the price. I still cannot believe the stupidity of the Rudd/Gillard Government who placed us in this position ! We have worked hard all our lives, had few holidays and educated our children at out own expense, with no handouts ever. I WILL NOT support any messing with the family home. It is the area in which most of us put our money in order to secure our retirement. Yes, reduce the handouts , including the demands for the women having babies but be very cautious of the home and health system.
    SHORTEN - you make me cringe with you absolute hypocrisy - you and yours got us into this mess !!!

  • Chris - 6 years ago

    I already pay $60 to see a GP, why does this even matter? I earn over $88,000, 28 years old and have to pay the crappy 1.5% Medicare levy surcharge even though I don't even make use of Medicare and never hardly need private health insurance at my age. So do what ever you want...

  • Peter - 6 years ago

    Welfare is not mean to last forever. The wealthy do not have an onus to carry the poor who in many cases chose their lot in life. The free money Rudd handed out came from taxes paid by workers not the unemployed. Now the increase in taxes are being paid by workers NOT the unemployed. We the workers have been carrying the lazy for far too long. FIX welfare. No one capable of working should be unemployed. Put them on chain gangs. Give them incentive to do better. Free money on the dole is no incentive.

  • Josh - 6 years ago

    Everyone should pay the $15.00! Then people wouldn't run there every time they get the sniffells, racking up a massive medicare bill that we have to pay back anyway at tax time. I'm tired of supporting all the low income earners in this country. Get out there and get some ambition so us higher income earners dont have to carry you for ever.

  • PJ - 6 years ago

    Well if you dont like spending $15 you can always travel to SE Asia for medical treatment. Good luck.

  • Mick - 6 years ago

    Most people already pay double that, unless you can find the rare surgery that still bulk bills. We have an ageing population and a shrinking tax base, people seem to want every service provided but refuse to pay the taxes that are required to run such a system, at the end of the day, the numbers have to add up, or one day, we end up with an economy that looks like Greece, and that's not fair on the generations that follow us.

  • Cliff - 6 years ago

    Its really easy to slash and stash! For a change can we see pollies take a salary cut? Agree there is fair bit of expenditure with Medicare, age pension etc. But we are also one of the highest paying tax countries in the world. I think there is a fair bit of mismanagement, NBN is a very good example.

    There just isn't any innovation. Any college kid can suggest slashing / reduce expenditure, we didn't need an audit committee, surely other government departments know what is being spent and what should be done reduce spending. What is the big deal about surplus? Why do we need a surplus?

    Can we take a look at the bigger picture, when all the slashing and selling is done what is left? Will the government increase taxes further to the detriment of the economic growth?

    Why don't we see any innovation, where are the suggestions to grow the economy @ 4% / 5% etc.? What is the plan for 10 / 15 years from now, how are we going to grow? This should be the key focus of the government and then align your vision and budgets to achieve this goal.

    All in all its a sad state of affairs, one government spends the other one curbs or use audit commissions / royal commissions to get their way, what a waste!

  • Helen - 6 years ago

    The reason we are in this mess is thanks to the Labour Government! I cannot believe that people think that bringing back the like of Rudd will help this nation....

  • Henry - 6 years ago

    It will be unfair for any income earner to pay a medical levy and special levy each year roughly about 3% of their taxable income and yet has to pay to visit a GP. How to justify 'Fairness?"

  • Paul - 6 years ago

    People are likening the proposed changes to Medicare as a downward drift towards an American-type health system, but in the U.S. health insurance is part of a person's salary package - much like our superannuation is here. Rather than making cuts to the pockets of already-stressed working Australians, perhaps our politicians could slash the numbers of political representatives and departments in our over-governed nation. Postponing the $12.5 billion acquisition of extra fighter jets we don't need would also be a good move. And I, for one, am not happy about paying for wealthy women to have babies.

  • Tommy - 6 years ago

    The attitude that society has to provide health is over the top and unaffordable. People should realise again that their health is their responsibility. Watching lifestyle and behaviour (like being in harmony with the neighbors) can prevent a lot of health problems. Saving the money for the GP may be a good incentive to do so and live happier too. I also think that GP's have a tendency to create more visits than really necessary e.g. I need two prescriptions, but the GP tried to give me only one per visit to force me to come twice as often. Not to accept such doing is our responsibility to our society. With the new system it will be motivated a bit and I think that this is needed.

  • Peter Doyle - 6 years ago

    Get over yourselves. There are NO bulk billing docs in Darwin. EVERY visit is $80.

    It's fair to charge the private individual something. FREE is always abused. I know people who go to a Dr. to put a bandage on that would cost them $5 at the pharmacy. Others get some mild painkillers from samples rather than buy them from Woolies.

    Free is always abused.

  • mic - 6 years ago

    I dont make all that much money per year despite working full time and i have a mortgage and the same everyday expenses as everyone else (food, utilities, petrol etc) now i think this should be means tested after i pay all my bills im lucky to have $50 in my pocket at the end of the week.

    Now i barely go to the doctor maybe twice a year tops but if im sick and need a day off work i need a doctors certificate just to say i have the cold / flu wich cant be treated anyway so im wasting money to see a doctor, i dont get paid for the day off and yes it is wasting the doctors time but what can we honestly do myself and many others are in this position.

    Now i could get behind $6 if i had to but not $15 what if your visit required a follow up consult thats $30. If i did that i would have only $20 left in my savings at the end of the week.

    Now how are people that are worse of then me able to afford medical care.

    We are just going to start seeing sick poeple going to the emergency room instead of a GP for free medical care and messing up our hospitals more.

  • Yash - 6 years ago

    I vote against this proposal. Why don't government think about stopping the Centrelink payments to people who dont deserve to be on centrelink? People are abusing this system like crazy. Imagine, we pay GP fees, we pay tax, bogans get paid by centrelink because we pay tax and they use our money to pay GP! Wow!

  • Brian - 6 years ago

    It's not fair to slug tax payers medicare levy and the surcharge, and not get any services from those taxes. If you don't want to give me universal healthcare, then don't charge me for it!!!!

    I'm happy to take that $2500 in tax and give it to those money grubbing private health insurers who won't cover my pre-existing medical conditions, then slug me thousands in excess when I have an injury.

    Can't wait for aussies to die in hospitals because they don't have health insurance.... welcome to America health... go Micheal Moore!!!

  • Adriana - 6 years ago

    How do you expect to one day live in a profiting society, how do you expect your children to one day own their own home or better yet, buy and build, such as what we did under the Howard government, if we do not rectify our mistakes NOW????? You cannot expect to reform if you do not pay your dues... Just because it was not mistakes made from your own hands, does not mean the situation is not YOUR problem.

  • Peter Doyle - 6 years ago

    Get over yourselves. There are NO bulk billing docs in Darwin. EVERY visit is $80.

    It's fair to charge the private individual something. FREE is always abused. I know people who go to a Dr. to put a bandage on that would cost them $5 at the pharmacy. Others get some mild painkillers from samples rather than buy them from Woolies.

    Free is always abused.

  • Junglee Guru - 6 years ago

    Welcome to the world of Tony Abbott. You pay medicare levy and medicare surcharge then on top any other new taxes he proposed to get the debt under control, inflation is on the rise as usual. We just keep paying for their fat salaries and they keep stuffing us around. No different to the introduction of GST where general public was promised that their will be few taxes under the regime however, we end up having more plus GST. RIP Australian public and long live the hard working politicians.

  • Tom - 6 years ago

    About time everyone paid their fair share. Medicare once introduced by labour was completely forgotten by either side of politics and rebates have not kept up with inflation. It has become so difficult to sustain a general practice with current levels of rebate and the problem is more serious for rural practices. With the MBS rebates one can't even cover the costs of dressings done for a patient's wounds. There is a lot of unpaid work GPs do that finds no avenue of compensation in current MBS like doing medicals for driving licenses or medical reports for centrelink. If the practices have to remain sustainable and doctors have to be able to to give their 100% into patient care rather than worrying about sustainability of their practice then things have to change. Current system is far too generous and not sustainable.

  • Anthony - 6 years ago

    How ever voted for them should not complain about what he is doing. Bring back Rudd.

  • Dean - 6 years ago

    $15 to go see a doctor that can fix a problem sounds fair to me. How much does it cost to fix the problem with your car? Or computer? Or the plumbing in your house? Get over yourselves. Its not a free ride in this world. Get educated and get a job. For the record I would only have visited the doctor on average once a year for the past 11 years here in Australia. Most of that was when my wife was pregnant with the kids. Oh and there is nothing "lucky" about it. I dont need to rush off to the doctor when I get a runny nose just to be told to go home and rest.

  • Vali Lewis - 6 years ago

    No one is going to bother going to doctor so they'll just get sicker and pass that illness on really stupid Abbott your a tool

  • Spin - 6 years ago

    Move to the country and pay more than that now. For me it makes no difference, none of the doctors here bulk bill.

  • Natalie - 6 years ago

    Every time I go to the doctors I pay extra - medicare covers $33 & I pay $42.

  • Caroline - 6 years ago

    That's all fine, when you don't already have a pre existing medical condition. I just earn little over the low income earners make. But take out yearly medical expenses and that's if I'm not sick half the year. I'm left with just 8 grand to live off for the whole year. The sick get sicker and get poorer. I would like Abbott to live a year in my shoe's with my income.

  • julie scanlan - 6 years ago

    We already pay $75 per visit in country areas the city can be bulk billed but only pensioners here in country wa this makes it nearly $100 per visit absolutely criminal

  • sarah - 6 years ago

    It's bad enough to pay for public transport,if I had to pay then lucky my furnal is paid for along with letter of how bad of services I've had while alive.bring me my head stone...

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