Best Design (Poll Closed)

  • Solfire Fireplace Just what every patio needs: This outdoor fireplace has a patterned fire screen, surrounded by a stainless steel burner, which operates with both propane and natural gas. It comes in seven different colors, too.
    86 votes

  • XL3 Hybrid Drive Talk about souping up your ride. Convert your fleet of vehicles into hybrids--shaving your miles per gallon by 25 percent (20 percent in urban areas). Now that's an idea with legs, or (er) wheels.
    264 votes

  • Street Charge Never let your phone's battery go dead again. These community-charging stations are solar-powered and typically make a cameo at venues ranging from parks to college campuses.
    157 votes

  • HMG Ultramid 4 Tent At just 1.25 pounds, this tent gives new meaning to the term "pack light." The four-person, waterproof shelter is made of non-absorbent Cuben fiber, which means it's highly durable. Go ahead, try to poke a hole in it.
    337 votes

  • Sphere Workstation Don't call it a desk. This 78-inch ergonomic workspace aims to find the halfway point between sitting and standing, substituting the traditional chair with seat specially designed for leaning.
    305 votes

  • KOR Nava Water Bottle This reusable alternative to bottled water comes with a built-in filter to improve ordinary tap water's taste. And did we mention its super slick subscription offer? Never use a dirty filter again.
    266 votes

  • Zipbuds Juiced 2.0 Call it a cure for the common annoyance. These earbuds can be zipped up or down, offering to bypass having to untangle your headphone cords. Plus, they come in four different colors, including glow-in-the-dark.
    738 votes


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