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  • Grady Stanley - 8 years ago

    My 14 year old Pug had severe skin allergy problems and scratched and chewed herself raw for years. We found few products that helped, with those that did help providing very little relief. Once she was started on Apoquel we could see a difference in only 24 hours and her scratching and chewing had completely stopped within 72 hours. Her skin sores healed and all her hair grew back. Apoquel is a miracle drug for us and to lose access to it would be catastrophic to our dog.

    I, however, am one who believes that the Apoquel manufacturer, Zoetis. is conspiring to limit the product's availability to the market in order to justify higher prices. They have had more than ample time to correct manufacturing problems and increase the supply, yet they have chosen not to do so. If they really are not able to increase production themselves they should consider a licensing agreement with another pharmaceutical company to increase production. If Zoetis really cared about the pet and the customer, they would do something to make sure the product is readily available to all who need it.

  • Tamara Fry - 8 years ago

    My two year old German Shepard has scratched herself till she was bleeding and developed infections at the affected areas. I have tried everything to give her relief, including holistic, food, and numerous vet prescribed medications. Within 48 hrs of taking Apoquel she is a different dog, the itching frantically is almost all gone. Her skin now has an opportunity to heal. It is very scary reading about the shortages of this medication on these web-sites. The cost of this drug is scary enough, but too worry about not being able to obtain this medication is cruel and frightening. Please continue too make this drug available/affordable for the animals that are benifiting from this drug.

  • Lyn Holt - 8 years ago

    During fall allergy season, my labradoodle itches and bites at his skin until it bleeds. Benadryl helps him sleep, but he wakes up scratching vilently and continues all day…

    Last week, I took my dog to the vet for his second consecutive Fall allergy season. This time the vet prescribed Apoquel. I had never heard of it (last Fall they thought he had food allergies, so we went through several changes in diet that didn't help. Then miraculously, with the first snowfall, he stopped itching).

    WHAT A DIFFERENCE the Apoquel made!! Within hours, his scratching reduced by 75% and by day 2, he really was not scratching or biting. But he was only given a two-week supply (2x day for one week, then once a day). Is that going to be enough? We are probably still a month away from any snow that will stay on the ground and cover the sage and pollens he reacts to.

    Today I"m really afraid he won't be able to get any more Apoquel, when the prescribed two week' worth are gone, and he'll start itching and biting again. I forgot his morning dose on my way out the door this morning, and I work about 15 miles from where I live. That was dumb, but I was clueless that this stuff was like asking for a gold brick.

    The vet is only a couple miles from where I work, so I thought I could miss 15 minutes of work to get him a pill to last until dinner... . NO. Not without another exam, and all the other vets were with clients. ( it is my regular vet's day off, BUT her sister, uncle and father are the other three vets in the office. I assume they trust each other's vet skills). I didn't have time to wait for another exam, and they would not sell me ONE pill without another exam. That's what makes me worry that I won't be able to get any refills if he starts itching again when he's done with his prescription. If they won't sell me a single pill, what are my chances of refilling the whole prescription?

    Does anyone have experience with whether two weeks of this "drug" is likely to be enough to stop his itching after the two weeks are done- or whether he'll just go crazy itching again until we get some snow??? What I'm reading today makes me think I won't be able to get him any more Apoquel this year…..Thanks for sharing any experiences others have had….

  • Nancy Behrens - 9 years ago

    I have a 6 yr, 12 lbs mixed breed doggie named Olivia. For the first time since she was about two she is a happy doggie. She has been on Aproquel for about a year now. She is having leg spasms and will twitch all over randomly. My vet (a great guy) put Olivia on it and it has been a godsend. However, I am worried about thelong term use of Aproquel. Has anyone heard of spasms being caused by Aproquel. All her blood test came back normal I am watching her for about three more weeks. If she is still having them we will see a neurologist. She runs, hops is very happy only spasms when relaxing. In no distress. I made video so dr could see spams. Let me know of any info you may have.

  • Dwight Sanders - 9 years ago

    I've been giving my 4yo Rhodesian Ridgeback apoquel now for about 6 months and it's worked very well as far as I can tell. It does not have the harmful side effects such as risks posed upon my dogs kidneys and liver etc that the previous drug prednisone had from what I've been told. 30 pills used to cost me $53 and some change and the price has already risen to an even $56 since the shortage, ugh. I can see the future.. Now that this drug has been known to be a popular and effective drug facilities that sell it will make the price whatever they choose to make sure they have plenty of profit for themselves. So I find myself on this site while I'm in search of a way to avoid veterinarians and buy this medicine online so my dog and myself can continue to have a happy life. -Central Illinois

  • Tracy - 9 years ago

    My dog has been on Apoquel, and when my vet ran out, none....Then a bottle comes in, I buy it, of course now having to start over by giving a higher dosage at first...This is plain ridiculous, and was said that those on it from the start, could continue to get it...false

  • Jenny - 9 years ago

    My dog's dermatologist has her own theory. She believes there are safety issues arising that require review before further distribution of the drug. Wouldn't such a situation require mandatory reporting to the FDA? It doesn't seem like something that could be kept secret. I'm wondering if my dog's doctor (part of a large practice devoted to dermatology) see Apoquel as a threat to her livelihood.

  • elizabeth prieto - 10 years ago

    He sabido de este producto APOQUEL para los canes que es muy efectivo. EN QUE CIUDAD DE EE,UU lo podre comprar ?

  • Trish - 10 years ago

    Before Apoquel my pug had severe skin allergies. Since she has been taking this medication she has a thick coat of hair no more blood from chewing at her legs! Her itching well start again tomorrow if I can't get this for her!

  • Sunny's Mom - 10 years ago

    My dog would scratch herself to death without Apoquel, and antihistamines just make her very drowsy and not like herself.

    I was getting Apoquel thru a pet pharmacy in the U.K. after my vet in Arizona ran out, and now I'm giving my dog 1/2 the prescribed amount. But I'm going to run out soon and I don't know what to do to help my dog. I cannot believe dogs that have been on it must go without it until some time in 2015.

  • Terrie Ridgley - 10 years ago

    I really, really hope this company does the right thing and continues to make and distribute this medication for dogs. And most importantly keep the price reasonable for everyone to be able to get their beloved pets relief.

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