Where You Offended By Leslie Jones' SNL Skit?

  • Kyle - 8 years ago

    I think we as black people have told darker jokes than that before, so whats the deal? You would think that comedians that are "family friendly" would be more popular by the way some folks act react to dark humor. Yet people throw shade at those types of comedians for being safe all the time on the internet.

  • PrinceLeron - 8 years ago

    That shit was hilarious. Sometimes certain black people can be unbearable. Why did they want them to hire black people in the first place. Did they want SNL to hire black people but not let them discuss any black shit. God forbid a white person find the humor in those jokes. I must commend SNL because they are letting them cook. I thought that they would scale it back after the Black Jeopardy backlash.

  • HC - 8 years ago

    It made me cringe a little bit. But judging by the type of things I find humor in (including this very podcast), covering my face while laughing is just part of the deal. I also love people who can make fun of themselves, and that was a big part of her skit. So it was ok to me.

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