What next would you like Luke to write about?
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  • Rupert Rivett - 7 years ago

    Read your blog. First of all don't be too hard on yourself.

    Secondly what are you really trying to do ?

    The movement to build the greatest platform for everybody to shape society together, one proposal at a time.

    What if the proposals are wrong ? change for changes sake is surely not the right way to go. One persons right is another persons wrong. Take my extreme values for instance that society should be doing it's best to reduce population now. It's not politically right to have this view point, for so many reasons. Whether they are religious views or all together moral rules of the nitty gritty of achieving immediate world population reduction seems to upset many parts of society.

    Then there is religion itself, as a proposal I would like to say can we get rid of all religions and then work on the reality that when your dead your dead that' and follow a more atheist way of life for everybody. Starting with banning all faith schools.

    How do you vote on a proposal what if you are infiltrated by extreme ideologist who are intent on pushing their ideas forward. Some may say like me ? ?

    Sorry to be negative ...... but just how do you expect this platform to really work ! Just like any movement it needs a proper sense of direction if that direction isn't straight then you will lose supporters and you are in danger of putting a lot of effort into something that makes things worse rather than better for the future, not just for yourself but for others.

    So what I want to ask you Luke and your supporters is this. What are the five proposals that you would like to achieve ! and in what order.

    By the way I commend you on trying to build a better future.

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