Would you have confronted the Septa Masturbator if you sat next to him?


  • PrinceLeron - 9 years ago

    Saying something to him is the only real choice. He was in the outside seat so you would have to cross him to move. The tone used is debatable but I would have said something.

  • 0roburos - 9 years ago

    Bruh, i lived in filthy-delphia over 7 years and trust me, its like being in Thunderdome. Some of the crazyist most gun totting, whooping an ass for no reasonest Niggas on the planet. And if you liked that bus jerker vid, check out that one where the lady calls up a squad (with AK47s) to shoot up the bus cause a lady told her not to spank her own baby. Nahh, they dont play down in Philly.

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