Are you for or against the redevelopment of the Bayswater marina?


  • Lindsey - 8 years ago

    Even these biased polls they are doing aren't turning out in their favor. What are they going to do next to buy votes?

  • Pearse Stacey-Harman - 9 years ago

    Hi there, i am from Rangitoto college and i am studying the bayswater marina development fro my 3.5 & 3.6 assesment. If anyone has a view or opinion please feel free to email me with your name, what region you live in and i can send you a survey to fill out in which it would help me solve if the development is a positive or negative impact on the community.
    Thanks Pearse

  • jenn - 9 years ago

    It's a horrible development that will only profit the owner, and the residents of the development. The local community loses out, recreational boaties lose their boat park, the rowing club loses it's facilities and the local traffic congestion which is already appalling will have yet more added pressure. All to make a few fat cats richer.

  • Lindsay - 9 years ago

    Fantastic development - Auckland needs more residential options, especially in locations like this close to the city and transport hubs.

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