Should HGTV have canceled the Benham brothers' show for their views on abortion and gay rights?


  • Melissa Moore - 9 years ago

    Just like gay people have the right to express their views wants needs and wishes - the Benham brothers and anyone else has a right to express their views without fear of repercussions.... Gay people would not be where they are today if others had squashed their views.... This is a very sad day for America and all our freedoms - out 1st amendment is in jeapordy ....... All Americans gay and straight - no matter what religion need to speak up.

  • saggyroy - 9 years ago

    They are free to pitch their show elsewhere.

  • Linda Cabaj - 9 years ago

    Their beliefs come straight from God's word and what He says. He sent his spirit to inspire his disciples and followers to write every chapter. Thats why its called the written word OF God. We as humans and Christians are here to spread His good and true word to others. when Christians make a choice to follow Christ they also choose to not only read and follow what it says But most importantly live it by depending on his help and strength through our prayers to him. These two men are being obedient to our one True Lord and Savior whom they love. That's what real Christians do. There are false prophets and false religions out there that don't represent Christ and His word. He wants us to uncover them to others so they don't get fooled by them. So they are not judging by doing this. God tells us in His Word "Do not judge others lest we be judged." But that's not what these guys are doing. We are to love the person but hate the sin. Just beleve that God sent his one and only son Jesus to die for our sins because of His great love for us. He wants no one to perish so by admitting to him we are sinners and asking his forgiveness we become His Children and we will have eternal life with him in Heaven. What and who will you choose? God's good or Satan's evil? Heaven or hell? God bless you all.

  • Ken Threadgill - 9 years ago

    Thank u guys for standing for God we need to be counted for what we believe . HDTV needs to under stand Christians are people to so we are not to get same as other?

  • Gerald Tinnon - 9 years ago

    My gaydar must be malfunctioning because it virtually exploded when I saw the picture of these two guys...

  • Bob - 9 years ago

    Hgtv needs to put that show on its freedom of speech we are loosing that every day

  • JB Smith - 9 years ago

    Just don't watch HGTV That's the only way to stop this kind of mess.

  • Lynda Hess - 9 years ago

    Nothing should stop real men and women, no matter their orientation, from being real. We would not penalize a gay commentator from speaking his thoughts on TV, why should these brothers be penalized. I am so sorry they have been robbed of being real. HGTV are being unreal.

  • Miguel - 9 years ago

    Thre is no freedom of speeach if we can not express our beliefs and ideas without been penalized.

  • Wil - 9 years ago

    They are not just against gays. They attacked not only gays but abortions and muslims. Christians should not judge another ones religious belief. Are they God themselves? I believe that all religions have a right to profess their faith but today's Christians push their way saying it is their way or no way and then complain when they are confronted stating their religious freedom is under attack. Hello? When Christians stop attacking others then they in turn will not be attacked. Buddhist, Jews, Hindus, Native American, Atheists, Muslims ALL have just as much right to profess their faith as the Christians do. You can not have it both ways. When Christians start respecting others they in turn will be respected. The Golden rule seems to be lost in Christian faith these days.

  • James - 9 years ago

    It is not surprising that the poll numbers are changing. Yes and No were tied at 50% and now No is below 50%. Great job CNN for thinking no one will notice.

  • Nae - 9 years ago

    It's sad that certain people or affiliations are disallowed to voice their personal beliefs publicly. Christians are often penalized when speaking out or practicing their faith and beliefs in the world today. It seems unfair and biased that their program will now be excluded. I am disappointed with HGTV's decision and the battering CNN interview.

  • Lori - 9 years ago

    The very public nature of HGTV means that the personal values of the people they select to represent them must align with the company's values. They are certainly entitled to their own beliefs (however misguided) and they need to accept the potential repercussions of those beliefs.

  • Amy - 9 years ago

    So sad to see them fired for having their personal beliefs. They should let go everyone who has different beliefs since people are sucking freedom right out of the country.

  • Teena - 9 years ago

    I am sorry what does abortion have to do with building a house. Do these men ask are you or have you ever had an abortion sorry we cant help you find a home. America get over yourselve who care if people are gay. Does it really hurt you or your beliefs. We let somila women ware their dress. Why dont we say something about that. We dont cause it does not hurt us it nust bothers us. Again get over it

  • Mildred Warwick - 9 years ago

    Why is it when stars speak their minds or go by their principles they are penalized for it but if they praised the gays they would be rewarded for's stupid for the tv channel to hold them bad for speaking their minds last I heard it was still a country of free speech so get over it

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