What would you rather have for weekly team prizes?

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  • Giorgos Beltsos - 6 years ago

    Hello! I think the tokens reward is the best choice!

  • Sourav Roy - 6 years ago

    Tokens, only Tokens. I can buy anything from the Goodies section with Tokens. Also I can win the Spotlight with more Tokens. I am still getting a great result with CTP Spotlight.

  • irwansutanto - 6 years ago

    Prize Wheel, please =)

  • Mahesh - 6 years ago

    I voted for more Cash($$)

  • Bob Pizor - 6 years ago

    I actually voted for batteries since they are expensive and difficult to come by, although any of the prizes would be good. Its more about building business relationships and and running a profitable business. Any goodies earned is just a bonus along the way.

  • Neil - 6 years ago

    Yup! I'm for tokens and spins.

  • Katarina Kawana - 6 years ago

    Weekly prizes of cash first and foremost, Overall monthly winners - larger pool of prizes including cash, TT prizes & rewards, prize wheel spins and monthly active referrals & advertising deals.

  • Thomas Smitherman - 6 years ago

    I personally voted for (and need!) more experience points although all those options sound good!

  • Patricia Hedge - 6 years ago

    Spins or tokens sounds great to me!

  • Adrian - 6 years ago

    Weekly spins sounds great to me!

  • Grant Goodman - 6 years ago

    Prize Wheel spins sounds good to me.

  • Steven Schofield - 6 years ago

    Prize wheel spins i would say.

  • Nathan LaPlante - 6 years ago

    what about bi weekly prizes also interested in tim tech reward points thoe seriously if the reward is tim tech reward points get a xbox one in there with titan fall that I can play some video games with you guys :)

  • wallace santos - 6 years ago

    espero ganhar varios premios

  • Caroline Sabourin - 6 years ago

    Wheel spins are great...that way you still get a chance to win a bit of cash....:)

  • Dualberto Brito - 6 years ago

    I agree with Victoria, as life timers to have active referrals will be more valuable. Of course, this is for weekly team prizes... so we will have to win to get there...

  • Lynn M - 6 years ago

    I like the idea of prize wheel spins, or TimTech Rewards points. Not really that interested in any of the rest of them (and I have a million magic wands, I get those constantly, don't need 'em).

  • Bob Sims - 6 years ago

    Tokens are very useful as they can be used as needed .

  • Joao Ramos - 6 years ago

    Prize wheel spins, because you can get a lot of things from the wheel :)

  • Walter Mulder - 6 years ago

    prize wheel spins are cool

  • Tame Bear - 6 years ago

    I'm all for the tokens because you can use them for anything, including even more advertising on the CTP network.

  • Victoria Stein - 6 years ago

    After reading through others thoughts,...a referral or 2 that are active would be nice,..am already lifetime,...and perhaps some good weekly incentives.

    As a team leader at Kratzer Kash,...,..can see that some will simply burn out after a few heavy duty surf weeks.

    Started with only 1 team winning all the cash,...but Guy was wisely advised to consider top 3 tiered to cash winnings etc.,...and this is working well.


  • Myra P - 6 years ago

    Wheel spins are a great weekly incentive! Go SurfAholics!

  • Eric Burgoyne - 6 years ago

    All the prizes listed sound good to me, except larger monthly prizes as weekly prizes will keep folks working harder when they see results weekly. That's my 2 cents worth.

  • kathi - 6 years ago

    I VOTED for other I asked for 3 free refurals or a lifetime upgrade this way we can make more money concidering how hard it is for some of us to get those new people to join

  • unknown unknown - 6 years ago

    awarding points can boost our ego...

  • Anne Bergman - 6 years ago

    Spins on the Prize Wheel or points sounds good for me

  • Maria Kerridge - 6 years ago

    Like all the prizes except the idea of points for goods, rather like probux or neocoins. A straight up reward is truly awesome and makes you feel treasured by admin. I know, i'm a boring old chick!

    Long live CTP and all that it has brung and will continue to bring to the surf world!

  • The apostole Slava - 6 years ago

    I voted for other.In other option i wrote:
    Clicktrackprofit master team title.
    It would be great that only 1 team every weak will have this title.
    As a premier league teams receive +10% with nerd surfing.
    It would be great if 1 team every week received Clicktrackprofit master team title and the prize in
    nerd surfing +20 for every week.
    The apostole Slava.

  • Valentin Mavrodin - 6 years ago

    Definitely prize wheel spins.GO SurfAholics!

  • Sabrina Traversa - 6 years ago

    Weekly prizes will keep us motivated, indeed.
    I voted for wheel spins, as Paul said, they mean "different kinds of prizes". ;)

  • Sig - 6 years ago

    Monthly larger prizes are good, but I agree with Matt...

    Weekly prizes, will get more activety I believe too. But dont let me be the Judge :D


  • Cupid - 6 years ago

    Those reward points look mighty good after I seen the prizes that were available using you points.

  • Matt Badura - 6 years ago

    Weekly prizes will keep the competition active, a month may drag out too long

  • Paul - 6 years ago

    I'm with Tom & Stephen on this...spins on the wheel are always welcome; all the prizes are on the wheel anyway (including what's needed for the cash wheel).

  • Evelyn Kramer - 6 years ago

    I would like all of the above. LOL It was a hard choice. Money is always good, but I wouldn't mind a cool badge.

  • Tom Wacker - 6 years ago

    Spins or points. I'm good either way. More points!

  • hassan - 6 years ago

    Since I without any money online I am looking for any option to earn onlinethat is why I vote for larger Money Price

  • Stephen Whittle - 6 years ago

    I love spinning the wheel!

  • Ellyn - 6 years ago

    The choice was larger "MONTHLY" prize...which may, or may not be money ;)

  • Eric G.J. Steenvoorden - 6 years ago

    Since I without any money online I am looking for any option to earn online
    that is why I vote for larger Money Price

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