How interested would you be in an easy-to-use "itch meter" for your dog?

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  • Dee Hess,R.N. - 7 years ago

    As a practicing nurse in the USA & UK, I recently had an 'experience' with 'APAQUEL' oclacitinib' prescribed by a 'Fill-in' Vet who told my husband, "This is an antibiotic". My concerns with Apaquel: too many local Vets are performing their own retrospective non-scientific studies, the drug was on,y tested fir 2 years by the FDA & again, one wonders how scientific the findings were; both the K9 owners and the Vets Evaluated efficacy based on so much subjectivity, the number of studied dogs was less than 500 as I recall, and not insignificant, the cost of this drug is prohibitively expensive...especially if the drug is prescribed long-term! How can the treatment be evaluated if the K9 owners do what so many humans do with their own medications and they are not "Med Compliant"? What disturbs me most, this drug has not been tested long-term for erythropoietic side effects. This drug given to a K9 family member should be prescribed ONLY when less dangerous and less expensive modalities have failed. As a medical professional albeit One who only treats and works with simple humans, the use of this "ULTRA NEW-AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE MEDICATION" should not be the first therapy for PRURITIS or DERMATISTIS. After thoroughly reading the FDA release science and 7 other quasi-scientific papers, isn't it a bit early to dispense this drug as a first-line treatment? As I recall, the X-Ray and Penecillin were categorized as "Miracle treatments" too. We now know they both have their place in the medical armamentarium but BOTH in excess are deadly. Reading of the hemopoietic nature of this drug's pharmacology, it inhibits a NATURAL inflammatory enzyme within the K9 immune system, the dangers long-term are in the wings, waiting to be uncovered. One last comment; is it true, APAQUEL loses its effect after 2 (two),years of continuous therapy? If so, what is to. Be done for the dog, after the positive values is gone and the organ damage is apparent?

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