Do you think personality subselves are real?


  • Olga - 12 years ago

    Jade, if thinking outside the box set by the religious institution (religion itself, by the way, being as man-made as the "empty humanistic philosophy") disbalances and weakens your connection with God so readily, than truly you are in danger of being deceived and led astray. It's like locking up your wife so that you don't get jealous of her being anywhere near other men - what would have been the point of such marriage, where there is no mutual trust to begin with? Similarly, religious rituals (ideology, vocabulary, worldview, etc.) can serve as "the marriage", but never actually give you faith nor loyalty. In fact, you will sooner fancy yourself to have these qualities before ever experiencing or attaining them.

  • Jade - 15 years ago

    You have simply uncovered the Biblical concept of angels and demons, having labeled them as "personality subselves."

    Consider, for example; do YOU really WANT to have all of the thoughts that you have in a day? If the answer is no, then couldn't those thoughts come from OUTSIDE of your mind (or self)?

    Not acknowledging spiritual forces as they are (angels and demons) is dangerous and will lead people to trust less in the truth of God for deliverance and trust more in empty humanistic philosophy and deception (however well-meaning it may be).

  • Deborah Bowker - 15 years ago


    I am an 56 year old woman that's family had huge disfunctions. My dad was a WWII veteran and had a Silver Star and all kinds of medals. He would think that we were German soldiers when he got drunk. I have worked long and hard to understand why I still was plagued with so many things that did not fit my True Self (Higher Self) and were so take over me. Thank You Thank You Thank You You have now opened the door to my complete FREEDOM. Thank You AGain. I have study studied studied and studied. To learn why I had so many confliciting things going on inside. NOW I KNOW :) AGain Thank YOU ....

    Learning about the sub-selves has Been the most Freeing Revelation of Truth. AGAIN ALL I CAN SAY IS Thank You..

    YOU Debbie

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