Do you text in the car?

  • KBS - 8 years ago

    I just watched a video about how quickly lives were changed because a driver was texting behind the wheel. I do not ever want to carry the heavy burden of killing or seriously injuring someone. I didn't do it often, but I pledge from now on to NEVER TEXT AND DRIVE AGAIN!

  • Thomas - 8 years ago

    Texting an driving should be the same as drinking an driving. An stiff jail time or lost of permit

  • Helena hopson - 8 years ago

    The guy that hit me 5 yrs ago was also on his phone n failed to yeild while he has just pulled off a Ford dealership lot with a brand new truck transporting it to another ford dealership n NC my accident happened n Augusta Georgia he hit me n my ex husband n I suffered a head concussion broken nose lost my teeth n broke my back n messed my neck up I wore my seatbelt n wasn't but just a passenger we were a 1/8 of a inch from the signal light pole on my side n if I hadn't had that seatbelt on I would've died. I lost my teeth cuz a 1992 Cherokee jeep didn't have airbags. I lost self esteem pride n myself n courage by after a 5 ur battle dying 5 times being a risk for Being paralyzed 5 times I'm thanking God I'm alive n can share my story... N say Please don't use ur phone behind the wheel of a car n wear ur seatbelt please!!!!

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