Do you like the new starter avatars?

  • Heidenstam - 7 years ago

    I foresee these avatars causing a lot of confusion among those new to SL, which is sure to negatively impact retention numbers and, in addition, they carry over a lot of the key problems with all of SL's previous starter avatars. They're still badly proportioned, horrendously over-sized, and give little thought to drawing new users into the personalization features built into SL's appearance system.

    . LL just did not think this through. Which, of course, describes the entire history of SL's development.

  • Coby Foden - 7 years ago

    They are very bad, especially so the female ones - plain ugly they are. New Ruths for sure. :-P They look like walking statues with frozen eyes, frozen faces and frozen hands.Big problem with mesh avatars are that they add confusion and make things more complicated. Definitely not a good idea to slap them on new residents who know nothing about how things work in SL.

  • Sheena - 7 years ago

    They are ok .. a few are pretty dorky but then some of us like dorky. LOL ;)

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