Do you agree with Whoopi?

  • Grant - 2 years ago

    I agree with Whoopi Goldberg

  • jsson - 8 years ago

    So people are saying if women are smaller its ok?so a 5 foot 150lb man can go around hitting any 6 foot 290lb man anytime without no repucutions? Hell no the problem is we say man and women when we should be saying human !! No human should hit another but if you do then you deserve to get beat down

  • David - 8 years ago

    I disagree with Whoopi. Saying a man has a "right" to hit a woman back leaves the level of response up to the individual, which is a bad idea. Rhianna allegedly hit Chris Brown. Using Whoopi's logic, he had a "right" to hit her back. But if you look at how far he took his "right"--he severely beat Rhianna--you see the flaw in Whoopi's comment. In all the thread I've read about Whoopi's comment, there are many men who agreed with their "right". I haven't read a single woman defend her "right" to hit a man if he hit her. That's because men are physically stronger , and women know that if they hit a man back, the response to hitting him could lead to a far more violent response.

    Whoopi could've said "a woman has no more right to hit a man than a man has to hit a woman." Fair enough. Or "no one has the right right to hit another person, man or woman." Correct. Or "if you hit another person, that person just might hit you back!" Fair warning.

    Give any person the "right" to hit back, and the response can be a beating, or worse. She could've suggested, of course nonviolence is the best thing, a man can walk away, or try and restrain the woman." The UN has a program to stop violence against women. They say one out of three women will be victims of physical violence. Whoopi's comment gives men just one more reason that men can abuse women. Men hit and beat women. Out of anger, usually with no consequences. A woman slaps a man in anger however, the consequences often are a more serious response.
    I STAND by MY Comment!!! "A woman has no more right to hit a man as a man has a right to hit a woman" there IS a double standard between men and women, but it's this: men are bigger and stronger than women, with twice the upper body strength than women. Men are also more violent than women. Studies show that female violence is usually: slapping, kicking, or throwing things. I think in most cases a larger male can protect himself from this sort of female violence without responding with his own "right" to strike back.

    Whoppi's comment was stupid, and poorly worded. Men physically abuse women enough without giving each individual man the "right" to hit back, often much more violently. All you have to do is look at Rhianna and Chris Brown.

  • Marvice - 8 years ago

    You can't live in a society where you claim to want to be considered equal and then put limits on what areas you want to be equal. ANYBODY, that is bold enough to strike somebody first, better be bold enough to take what may come back. Some men that have been raised with that moral standard find it hard to hit a women regardless. But I feel if you are going to hit someone you should expect to be hit back, nobody should have to just stand there and take someone's attack. If anything it just goes to show some people can't handle their emotions, which is why you don't want everybody going around carrying a gun. I can imagine all kinds of scenarios as to why she was mad, but I can't imagine what he said that caused her to put herself in a situation to attack him and risk possible arrest when she could have called a cab, friend or something and just left until she cooled off etc...

  • tim - 8 years ago

    I agree with whoopee a woman has no right to touch a man and a man has no right to touch a woman I keep hearing a real man would not hit a woman what about a real woman not hitting a Man

  • Michelle perry - 8 years ago

    Raising 2sons I agree if a female slaps any man he has the right to slap u back,if not we as women would not keep our hands to ourselves

  • Michelle perry - 8 years ago

    Raising 2sons I agree if a female slaps any man he has the right to slap u back,if not we as women would not keep our hands to ourselves

  • Demetria - 8 years ago

    It's call a reaction and we were all taught to defend ourselves. My mother always told me never to play fight with a man or hit someone just because if I didn't want to get hurt, but to protect myself when someone has put their hands on me.

  • melissa Smith - 8 years ago

    He should have slapped the taste out of her mouth .

  • Terry - 8 years ago

    Everyone has a right to defend themselves.

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