SPEAK UP: Will you vote on school budgets? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Is more legislation needed to curb drug abuse? 16 YES, 21 No

  • Diane Bagdy - 6 years ago

    The children in school today are being robbed of their futures, their hopes and goals, THEIR MINDS! The future of this nation's progress is within education of our children and they are being robbed! A viable, well rounded education is the right of every child, not the select 10% of privileged CC proponent's children. AMPEL is also a strong part of education and to remove Art, Music, Phys Ed and Library is a travesty and detriment to a well rounded student should the removal of these component be enforced. TRUTHFUL social studies and history is a MUST, not the watered down and biased history proposed under CC. CC is destroying our country.. Knowledgable, effective teachers are being let go...to what end? Privatization of education is a disgusting avenue to enforce and Cuomo is a selfserving NON educator that gives not a thought about our schools as his daughters are out in the world pursuing their goals but are children WILL NOT have this luxury, thanks to Mr. Cuomo, Mr. Obama and every single legislator who supports CC and affects education budgets. STOP giving yourselves hefty bonuses in favor of supporting schooling.

  • Kristine Conte - 6 years ago

    I will vote tomorrow in favor of the budget but I ask what difference will "I" make? Albany holds the purse strings. They decide how much state funding will be given to every school district which ultimately determines what percentage the school must raise it's taxes to fulfill it's budget. Yes Albany says stay within the 2% tax levee or be punished. And next year they will put on even more pressure to have schools do something else. Stay within the 2% tax levee AND be energy efficient. And the following year it will be something else. Schools will continue to close. Teachers let go. Programs will be cut. Cuomo says he's in favor of education yet he's squeezing schools into closure.

  • Joe Torres - 6 years ago

    Our children will return the greatest dividend on any investment we will ever make.

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