Do you think the 9/11 memorial museum should include a gift shop?

  • Glen Pierce - 7 years ago

    I read David Thorpe's comment below: "This isn't a graveyard, it's a museum."
    I disagree. It is a graveyard. A pretty one. Over built. and now over costly which should have been thought out. I doubt that the planners were cost accountants. They figured that grant money and begging would get them any money they wanted. The public just wanted something simple. Like a park with many benches to reflect upon while looking up to the sky. We don't need a museum to remind us of the crime. We've got free Youtube! And books. Dopes. This is a graveyard. Period.

  • Glen Pierce - 7 years ago

    5-24-2014 Sounds like dopes running the place. Things should have been thought out long ago. EG operating costs. Maybe give us less murals and objects. Just give the basics and cut down on manpower costs, which will have pension costs later on. This project should not be something huge for some people to add to their resumes. Keep things simple. As for the $24 fee, maybe give bonifide loved ones of the deceased 3 cards to use anytime for a bearer. EG they may loan the cards out to a relative to visit for free. Anyone else, pays $3 a person. Force the operating cost to work within a low budget. what is the top 5 people earning along with pension accruals? Publicize it. Heck, I went to Washington Crossing Park 2 weeks ago for $8 admission. About 100 booths of historical info and food carts. Spent 5 hours roaming in the Park woods filled with the free booths. Maybe the 9-11 Museum could find many volunteers to handle non essential jobs and pay them just travel and food cost. I bet there are people who would feel honored to donate their time. sounds to me that bureaucrats are running the place. Correct me with concrete actions.

  • F/u - 7 years ago

    Not a cracking cemetary

  • Gary Monaghan - 7 years ago

    The World Trade Center attack is the modern day Pearl Harbor. Why isn't it being made a National Park with the area that houses the remains of the fallen being free and handled with dignity with the museum having a moderate fee. I agree with the families who lost people in the attack that their extended family, friends and public at large should not be charged to enter a memorial area in order to pay their respects. However, the museum that is meant to show the history can charge a fee. I think the gift shop is tacky, but if it's part of the museum and not the memorial, tacky helps pay the bills.

  • David Thorpe - 7 years ago

    I think people underestimate how much it costs to keep a museum running. You have to pay for security systems, cleaning, maintenance and the like. Then realize that this isn't like Smithsonian museums- these are workers maintaining the museum, and need to be paid for their work... and not dirt cheap either, lest they be encouraged to sabotage something. If the money is being used to inflate the wallets of the owners of the institution, that's wrong. But otherwise I don't see much of a problem... It's either this, no museum, or your tax money going towards this rather than things that are much more pressing like education.

    This isn't a graveyard, it's a museum.

  • Allan Willner - 7 years ago

    Jim Riches is correct when he says this is the only cemetery in the USA that you have to pay to get in.
    Having to pay is wrong on so many levels the least of which is financial.
    To make a profit on someones death is WRONG!

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