SPEAK UP: Do you use Stewart Airport for air travel? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Are you concerned about the IBM job shift? 64 Yes, 27 No

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  • anthony barbuto - 5 years ago

    No I don't fly out of Stewart. The airlines that are there...do not connect to the places we go too. We fly in and out of Westchester County to save fares. We could save more if we flew in and out of JFK airport ...but who wants to drive in and out of the city...pay those tolls and outrageous fees?
    Some one should really look into the mismanagement of Stewart airport and Dutchess County Airport. As a graduate of a Business Admin program with a major in Aviation Administration....two HUGE opportunities to bring dollars to the region are being wasted. I worked part time at a small airport in the valley. The pilots told me Dutchess County was very un friendly to private pilots. Their fees and attitude drove them out of Dutchess and they base their planes elsewhere. Stewart was going to be the States Third major airport after LGA and JFK...but it is a failure. There is no effort to encourage the airlines, private pilots and other businesses to come in...no building decent facilities, etc. Its a shame. Two potential job creators and tax bases are being wasted. We need better jobs than $8 per hour retail. The two airports could do it.....

  • Val duBois - 5 years ago

    Stewart was always my choice and I highly recommended it to friends. But ... now I have to fly out of shoddy Westchester/White Plains because my favorite airline dropped flights and their few remaining flights are at terrible times (usually costing more, too). And I don't appreciate having to fly to middle America and change planes to get to Atlanta. So I'm forced to fly the convenient times from White Plains in just two hours direct flight. I had even written to Letters to the Editor at the Pok Journal (and it was published) praising Stewart and bemoaning the fact that Stewart was never mentioned as a New York airport, which I think might increase business. Back to your question: Yes, I would fly from Stewart, a lovely, comfortable airport, if I could do so conveniently and economically.

  • John Visentin - 5 years ago

    Stewart? Where's Stewart?

  • Joe Chen - 5 years ago

    For me, Stewart Airport is very convenient. I loathe driving to NYC having done it for decades before I retired. I gladly pay for the extra airfare to fly out of Stewart.

  • Marcia Zaretsky - 5 years ago

    How about a direct flight to Chicago?

  • Ewalker - 5 years ago

    Need more airlines going to florida!

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