Did the Durham officer use excessive force in this traffic stop?

  • Arlena - 7 years ago

    That officer was excessive. First off, pulling over a gentle man on a bike is crazy. Second the way he slammed the man was forceful as all get out. It was uncalled for unwarranted and brutal. He is the reason why a lot of people don't trust don't like and won't have anything to do with cops. He is a pig. If I were that man I would sue that sorry cop and lopez and the city of Durham. That man just looked to be talking to the cop whether he was yelling or whatever the cop didn't have to do him like that. Ask those on lookers.

  • Charles Elliott - 7 years ago

    The takedown was the LEO doing his job. The latter part of the arrest was bit much, it did not take 5 officers to subdue the man. But the man not the LEO looked like he set the tone of how things would go but still the officer did not appear to need 4 other officers to assist him. (LEO is LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER)

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