Would David Moyes be the right man for Celtic?

  • Osagyefo Ndumba - 7 years ago

    As a player at Tillbury FC, I think that D. Moyes is a great Coach and has a lot of secret weapons in his bag. I also share the views of those who think his dismissal from United was handled in an unprofessional manner and did not take into account his records and reputation. D Moyes remains a good Coach who conducted himself with integrity, dignity and professionalism, no matter what the media said about him and wants us to believe regarding his performance at United. I suspect the players didn't fancy him or even trust him: they lacked loyalty. Giving him another chance would certainly prove to all he is the man up to the job. All he needs young players like me to grow older with him in his team..

    Mr Osagyefo Ndumba
    24 St Pauls Drive
    E15 1JN

  • chris - 7 years ago

    I bet the 76.22% that said yes are Rangers fans, we've all seen what he did to the mancs we dont want the same at Celtic

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