Link vs Cloud Rap Battle

  • Lol are you trolling? - 6 years ago

    Funny how "Tifa" calls everyone who voted for link a bunch of fanboys. Haha.

  • reece - 7 years ago

    i think we got a fanboy here

  • Tifa Lockhart - 7 years ago

    Yeah, now I know all the rap battles are one sided when It comes to voting. They always choose the more famous franchise, then the more famous character. If it was actually fair, Cloud will be on Cloud 9000 while Link would probably be around 7500 at max.This is why
    I don't trust fanboys under 12 (and they can't even spell) because they all say "Noone Will Ever Baet Nitedo Forveer" -_- (Although Sony does have it's share of immature fanboys)

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