Should Salt Lake City stop funding fireworks displays?


  • Bruce Chapman - 9 years ago

    Lets have a laser show instead. We can use the savings on cleaning up our dirty polluted air

  • Bruce Chapman - 9 years ago

    PATRIIDIOTIC-We would die for our country even if that means from smoke produced from us celebrating it.

  • Philip - 9 years ago

    Some people complain no matter the issue, during the winter months I'm sure they complained about the air quality and now it's summer they're complaining there's not enough fireworks. I ride my bike to work, good air quality begins with small sacrifices. What are you willing to give up for better air.

  • tom - 9 years ago

    Take away more and more, salt lake city is boring enough. The more activities we lose the more crowded and conjested the others get. Air quality is not the issue, get rid parking up town that will fix the problem

  • Michelle - 9 years ago

    Its not like they are banning all fireworks. Its just two, so what if its not at the same park anymore. There is still dozens of other parks that will have them. Start a new tradition.

  • kevin - 9 years ago

    It has nothing to do with the air quality they are using that as a excuse to not pay the 25000 they want someone else to pay for it they can care less about the air quality

  • Cherelle - 9 years ago

    I would hate to see them take our fireworks away, I have children and they look forward to going and seeing all the amazing fireworks. If they took them away they would be ruining traditions for a lot of families, and traditions are important in many families like mine.

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