The City of Guthrie is considering changing the ability to use fireworks within city limits. Select your stance below.

  • I support banning the use of fireworks within City Limits.
    177 votes

  • I support allowing the use of fireworks within City Limits (with a permit).
    307 votes


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1 Comment

  • Jarrett George - 6 years ago

    I think it is horrible that the panel of people that were making the decision on this were all over 40... I watched on tv... Fireworks to kids is tradition, and if you are a kid that does not know someone outside city limits, then you are literally banned from fully enjoying the holiday. I grew up popping fireworks in the street by my house or my front yard.. Every kid should be able to experience that, and not have a panel of older people that have all their kids moved out saying that it should be banned because they couldn't get any sleep that week.... Just my opinion..