POLL: Do you think the Vancouver Aquarium should phase out dolphins and belugas?

  • Karen - 8 years ago

    Over the years the Vancouver Aquarium have rescued, sometimes in tandem with DFO and others, and have rehabilitated and successfully released to the wild many animals. Two Orca examples are the juvenile male, "Sam" in 2013 and a female Orca "Springer" in 2002. Springer was recently sighted in 2013 with a calf by her side.


    I would like our aquarium expand it's rescue and rehabilitation capacity to help restore injured animals to health for eventual release to the wild and for many their families. The aquarium can do much good to further rehabilitation and release of former captive whales. This should be the aquariums role and moral obligation to help preserve animals in their natural environments. The time is long past to keep animals in captivity for the purpose of human entertainment.

  • Florence Hawker - 8 years ago

    I think the Aquarium should continue to be a rescue site for sea creatures. I do not think that tame orcas or whales - whatever should be returned to the wild as they may not survive. I will say that I support the Aquarium as it has given us the gift of being able to see beautiful sea creatures we would not have seen. I support their research as it has helped in helping the wild denizens. Without zoos I wonder where we would be now without having seen these wonderful beings!

  • Ørjan Jacobsen Fjeldstad - 8 years ago

    The social structure for whales and dolphins in Seaworld are not "natural pods". They are often strangers to eachother, and not family. Just because they have not been shut down doesn't mean the animals are happy or living a life.

    Because Blackfish was made like a normal movie was made. With a perspective in favor of the whales. Doesn't mean it lied. Or that the intelligent, social and sentient beings, that are whales, don't deserve freedom to swim and socialize and learn in nature.

    The whales and dolphins would not approve of either these viewpoints, or the contribution of support for captivity, un-voulenteer entertainment, and force-breeding. Don't tell me they delude themselves into being a friend of the whales and dolphins, when they support this kind of thing.

  • Jocelyn - 8 years ago

    I don't believe for one second their dolphins were "rescued" from a Japanese fishing boat. Of course that is what they want people to believe! Watch The Cove and tell me after that anyone believes this bullcrap.. Poor babies :(

  • doreen webb - 8 years ago

    they look like they are enjoying interaction with trainers and people because THERE'S NOTHING ELSE TO DO!!
    although i did enjoy seeing the whales at the aquarium, they are not on this planet for my viewing pleasure. these are highly intelligent beings and it's akin to slavery to confine them for our purposes. if you don't see the soul in their eyes, you should not be working with them. if you do see the soul in their eyes, you should set them free. i love to see them that up close and personal.....but it's wrong.

  • Alecia - 8 years ago

    Hi Kathryn, that's actually not true, there have been many who have been returned to their families successfully:) but I like your comment and agree they should be phased out! It's 2014! It's the humane thing to do.

  • Kathryn Baker - 8 years ago

    I realize that the present whales and dolphins living at the aquarium cannot be turned out into the wild. I think that they should continue to stay where they are well cared for. However, no more breeding in captivity and no more capturing of wild whales and dolphins. Keep what you have and then phase out this part of your program.

  • James Loewen - 8 years ago

    Clint Wright, senior vice president and aquarium general manager is out of touch with reality!

    “From all the behaviours we’re observing from these animals, they’re exhibiting normal behaviours, they love interacting with the trainers, they love going down to look at the public in the underwater viewing windows and they seem to be thriving and very content here.”

    10 births with 9 dead babies, is NOT thriving, nor is that or swimming in a circle all day "natural behaviour."

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