Should there be a full police investigation into the Hollie Greig case?
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  • Keefy - 4 years ago

    Over the years many paedophiles have been named but the police have been slow to act, the public would be horrified if they knew about the delayed investigation/s.
    Jimmy Saville is a prime example of delayed justice, insofar that Saville died one year before Operation Yewtree was even started. The delay was not justified, as there was evidence that would have been sufficient to start investigations well before Saville died. Albeit 6 people were found guilty and imprisoned for paedophilia, a further 13 were interviewed but not charged under the Operation Yewtree criteria, even though there was evidence it was felt, for some of the cases that it was not in the public interest to proceed. I was told by a young man, that had been under council care, that an "A" list, 76 year old singer celebrity had been sexually involved with children at the home he had been in. That was back in 1972 and the same singer celebrity had been interviewed under Operation Yewtree but not charged, I was astounded.
    It must be said, that the Police and/or the CPS must be controlled by a sympathetic Paedophile/s for so many people NOT to have been charged.

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