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Posted 5 years.


  • kcsparky - 5 years ago

    English is the language spoken in the United States and has been since the inception of this country. It is not asking too much for an immigrant to learn our language when moving here. Trust me, you better know the spoken language of a foreign country if you move there to get along. Don't expect them to speak English for your benefit.....won't be happening!

  • jim - 5 years ago

    Since ninety nine percent of the US population speaks English, of course they have to learn basic English and have a professional appearance. That includes hygiene. I know some middle eastern cultures don't bathe much, but in America in a closed cab, you better or you will not have many customers.

  • donttreadonme7 - 5 years ago

    Heaven forbid someone might have to meet certain criteria to do a job in America.

  • BT - 5 years ago


  • Ronald Burcham - 5 years ago

    The big buck cab companies have called in their chits and pressured the city council to adopt new rules to restrict the entry of new competition to the established companies. This is so American, a city council bought and paid for by special interests.

  • Baboo Fubar - 5 years ago

    No need for english here in sacramento we habla espanol viva la Raza! viva la reconquista!

  • Jean Poole - 5 years ago

    How about trying this in schools?

  • EKObserver - 5 years ago

    The primary language in this country is English, for now anyway, and it isnt unreasonable for Taxi drivers to be required the basic ability to say, "Hello, how are you? Where are you headed today? Yes sir, 15 minutes. No sir. Yes Maam. No Maam. Thank you. $15. Have a good day."

    They dont need to be able to discuss advanced quantum physics or elucidate the meaning of Shakespearean plays... They just need to be able to communicate with a modicum of proficiency with their clients.

  • John - 5 years ago

    Liberal hypocrites, let them vote even though they don't understand what politicians are saying. Why don't they revoke their driving privileges all together if there's really such a big problem

  • larryPTL - 5 years ago

    This is incredible common sense, coming form a city that hosts one of the most radical state governments ever!

  • Labillyboy - 5 years ago

    Speaking English is a must, but are they here legally? It seems like some cities taxi service have been monopolized by foreign nationals who ship in drivers to work at low wages. Maybe they have green cards but I wonder sometimes. Let's just take the next step and require them to be U.S. Citizens.

  • Bob - 5 years ago

    I am outraged to find that there are any current cab drivers who cannot speak English. This is an English speaking country and sometimes people who get in cabs desperately need help. I can only wonder how many passengers were injured or even may have died for lack of the cab driver's being able to speak English. This does not even cover the fact that some may pretend not to know English so they can cheat their customers. I recently had occasion to call a cab at the airport to go downtown. The driver spoke to me in hand signals and after figuring out where I needed to go, but pretending not to understand my directions for getting there he started to take the long way in terms of miles and time to get to my destination. I stopped him and had pulled up my route on my phone and insisted he use it which he did. I could only do this because I knew the area and had my phone. Others would not be so furtunate and would have been substantially overcharged.

  • uncle wally - 5 years ago

    How long has he been here? IT'S our country and English is the language of America.. what do you not understand about that.

  • houx - 5 years ago

    I remember when I was in Paris and the Cab-driver was French, spoke French, I speak French. I had to get out the map to show him where to take me. I don't know if he was pulling my leg or what. I didn't live in Paris but I knew my way around from looking at a map how to get to my destination. I really wonder if he was even a taxi driver or just pretending. Then in once in London the driver spoke English I speak English and know my way around London, now this guy thought he was going to pull a fast one on me. What should have been a 15 minute trip turned into a 45 minute trip. I kept questioning him and he claimed it was the right way. I said stop the car it will be faster to walk. I pay him and he said, "I thought you might have liked to take a scenic trip instead of the direct way. $35 later. Live and Learn English.

  • White Powder Ma - 5 years ago

    Fools, it's not English only. They can speak 13 languages for all anyone cares just as long as one of them is English. Get it right.

  • garret - 5 years ago

    not to mention being able to read signage, detours, respond to emrgancy personnel and police. No sympathy.

  • Tom Davidson - 5 years ago

    How can you expect to get to where you want to go if the driver can't understand you? My great-grandfather had to learn English to get a job (he never learned to read), and he only worked in a rendering plant.

  • JohnFLob - 5 years ago

    Mr. Kazman Zaidi it's called assimmilation, adapting, and integration into the society of the host country. Until you acheive legal citizenship you are a guest. Why should the passengers be expected to, or forced to, become fluent, in hundreds of languages and dialects from around the world?

  • Sterling - 5 years ago

    I so think a baaic understanding of English should be required, at leaat as much as tequired to pass a deivers exam. I dont think they need much more rhan that to do their job.

  • Kit - 5 years ago

    Why do we have public transportation? Easy.. To get from point A to point B! If I get in a cab and cannot communicate with driver as to where I want to go, why would I use that service and second I darn would not pay for that crap!

  • Jimmbbo - 5 years ago

    This is the inevitable result of the multicultural agenda... What made the US successful was immigrants who succeeded by ASSIMILATING into America while retaining the richness of their cultural heritage, not dividing the country into foreign enclaves. Take one look at Europe and see how well such divisions are working...

    ENGLISH is the language of the United States, and the language of success in any profession. If you want to WORK here, if you want to SUCCEED here, you must speak ENGLISH... why is that so difficult for libprogs to comprehend?

  • Tanner Dickerson - 5 years ago

    They aren't asking too much. If you are going to work here (or live here), you should speak english. Speak whatever language you want with your family in your own home, but in public, it should be english only.

  • Felix Wisgo - 5 years ago

    To the cab drivers I would just say, this is not a particularly tough requirement... And it's one you should have worked toward when you arrived in the country. Not like someone's asking you to swim laps in Lake MIchigan in January. Quit whining and get it done.


  • SteveT - 5 years ago

    Too bad they watered down the hygiene regulation. Bathing seems to be a once a year occurrence for a lot of immigrants from the MidEast and India. Many of them stink so bad that being within 10 feet of them is intolerable.

  • rfinley - 5 years ago

    Apply these types of common sense regulations to the rest of the nation and we will be heading in the right direction! Next, repeal the anchor baby law and catch up with the rest of the world. It probably won't stop the Communist Chinese from buying up America but it might slow them down. Citizenship to own land the accepted law in every other civilized nation.

  • John Carpenter - 5 years ago

    This is only appropriate. If you are doing business or living in this country there should be a minimal standard for speaking the language of the people and commerce (English). Living in ANY country should be no problem within a single year to have the basic skills to be able to communicate with others. If you come for the American dream, speak our American English and become one of us, otherwise, you end up with these 3rd world standards which are below what we are accustomed to in the USA.

  • Leo Gray - 5 years ago

    Of course this is reasonable. This is not some episode of "the Great Race"

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