Do you think Daniel McMinimee is the best choice to be Jeffco Schools superintendent?

  • Wendy McCord - 5 years ago

    I have met with Dan, and he seems like a cordial fellow. But that does NOT make him qualified to run a school district, let alone one the size of Jeffco. It most assuredly does not justify a total compensation package of more than $1 million. But perhaps most importantly, the people of Jeffco have no idea if he is the BEST choice because he was the only choice. The process the BOE majority used in naming him the only finalist purposely prevented the people of Jeffco from knowing who else was in the running. Therefore we could not make any comparisons among the candidates. By naming McMinimee as the sole finalist, Witt, Newkirk and Williams once again made it clear that they think they know better than tens or even hundreds of thousands of Jeffco citizens. Rather than proving that Dan was the best choice, they refused to give us the information that they had and let us determine for ourselves whether it not that was the case.

  • Bill Hineser - 6 years ago

    I have spoken with Mr. McMinimee on several occasions and found him to be thoughtful and to have the students' best interests at heart. Also, I have found him to be willing to be very fair with teachers but also demanding of the best possible teaching. I did not like the way he was hired but now think the decision was correct. He will not cater to the self-serving interests of the union but will be open and fair with them.

  • Susan Wilson - 6 years ago

    Yes! Jeffco Schools finally has a superintendent who is not in bed with the teacher's union. I think Mr. McMinimee is the best choice and glad he is in Jeffco.

  • Mike Richard - 6 years ago

    Dr. Cindy Stevenson is the best Superintendent for Jeffco. These clowns ran her off.

  • Connie H. - 6 years ago

    The union certainly doesn't like him. They want someone who they can control. Heaven forbid someone who actually wants what is best for the kids. McMinimee could walk over water and this same group would be on his back. Perhaps they are frightened that the kids just might accomplish more than they have in the past? Those that fight so hard against him are those who are playing politics in school. If he fails at his job, then we can take that to the polls and make a change. Stop throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

  • Kathryn Hill - 6 years ago

    How could we possibly know whether he's the best candidate, given that their 'national' search yielded one local candidate? However, I would immediately eliminate any candidate who submitted a resume on which he misspelled the word 'heard' -- especially were I reviewing a resume for an educator.

  • JC - 6 years ago

    Definitely NOT! He is coming from DCSD, where he went from a popular and well-respected principal of a thriving high school and became a "yes-man" and helped to break down much of the goodness of the district. Shame on him, and I pity JeffCo for their decision to go from an amazing superintendent who was pro-student to Dan McMinimee who is nothing but self-serving.

  • Don'tBuyIt - 6 years ago

    A couple of days ago, this poll had over 3,500 responses and was running about 90% "no". What happened to all those "no" votes? I know the Denver Post is supportive of corporate "reform", but rigging a poll is disgraceful.

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