SPEAK UP: Will new stoplights ease traffic on Route 9D? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Should colleges have incentives to report sexual assaults? 40 Yes, 24 No

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  • Commuter - 6 years ago

    I agree with Fed-up driver. But, the VA and apartment complex's along 9D are to say the least difficult to exit. The problem here is the lack of planning by both the complex's designers and the planning boards. The problem is if we add a traffic light to every one it would be double everyone travel time on 9D. We really need additional roads to allow for alternate routes of travel to alleviate traffic on 9D.

  • evelyn - 6 years ago

    I have taken 9D to and from the NBB everyday for the past 18 years and the traffic has gotten worse every single month sense . I am all for traffic lights that work with the flow of traffic rather than just changing every 2/3 min's regardless if their is a single car coming in another direction.

    Take the traffic light at the country club on rt 9D , the traffic now backs up into the train station parking lot because the light stays red in all directions for a min while every car just sits and you stare at each other .

    It is very clear if you drive that road at rush hour what the traffic patterns are and that the lights are not coordinated n each direction.

    I for one am more than thrilled to get these lights on a traffic flow system rather than the current system that simply does not work .

    I would also be thrilled if the police departments would get out and move the traffic during accidents , baseball games , concerts etc rather than just on a side road waiting for someone to black a side st ( which by the way I do not do not do or think someone else should do ) .

    A girl can dream , so in the meantime I will take any help on that road I can . I just wish they woukld have done this before the summer .

  • Hudson view apts - 6 years ago

    Unless you live on 9-d people don't known what it's like getting out into traffic on 9-d. When there is a game at the staduim you catch hell getting out on to 9-d, unless someone kind enough to let you out. There is also castlepoint va. traffic in the am and pm. God help us if there is an accident at the bridge.

  • Fed-up driver - 6 years ago

    I am really fed up with adding timed traffic lights everywhere in Dutchess County whenever someone complains. What is needed is "SMART" traffic control devices. At least these can monitor traffic conditions and allow for maximum flow of vehicles. Just placing these antiquated timed pattern traffic lights just cause longer commutes, wastes fuel and cause more environmental pollution. It would also help to have more police presence to curb aggressive driving on this road. Rt. 9D is the shortest path for many commuters and is NOT a "shortcut". It's maintained by state and local taxes and is not a private road for the local neighborhoods.

  • CP Fielding - 6 years ago

    More stop lights will discourage "shortcut" drivers and allow for fairness for locals to exit their neighborhoods without taking risks. Encouraging commercial vehicles by pass 9D; to use Rt 9 to 84 to reach the bridge may help.

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