Should Kensi and Deeks take their relationship to the next level?


  • elli - 9 years ago

    yes, but not anytime soon i think. they need many thing to do before they get there.

  • tati - 9 years ago

    Who voted ''NO''??????

  • Lindy - 9 years ago

    This was a brilliant exploration of the trials Deeks and Kensi are experiencing. Both arguments were well formulated, but my response comes from the emotion of the situation. I long to see a physical expression of their connection between these two. It would be a natural occurrence. None of the other shows I watch are so reticent in keeping their two sexiest characters apart. They don't touch, unless it's Kensi punching him, they have only kissed a couple of times, and they may or may not have had sex. Is CBS a convent now? This isn't natural or realistic. What are the writers and Brennan afraid of. We are not asking for a big church wedding, just a little passionate exchange that makes this relationship seem real.

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