Would you allow your child to wear locs?


  • Shar - 7 years ago

    My 12 year old daughter's hair has been loc'd for 5 months now and she loves it. I allowed her to dye them as well to fit her more and so far no backlash (locs are somewhat popular at the schools). I've seen her confidence and self pride skyrocket since her journey. I will loc my 8 month old baby boy's hair when he is about 18 months. I am also newly loc'd (my husband and older son are not).

  • Tasleem El-Amin - 8 years ago

    My baby has been Loc'd since the summer before she turned four, and it's been the best hair decision thus far! She's had a few kids tease her when she was six, then seven but nothing to make her want to change her her nor anything to make me regret having her loc'd! The fact the her current principle, a few schoolmates, and our Zumba instructor has them makes it all the more better :-)

  • OurKinksNCurls - 8 years ago

    My daughter is 9 and has biracial hair. I wouldn't allow her to get locs at this age beucase I wouldn't want her to be treated negatively. When she is older, maybe in her late teens, I'd consider it. That way she could research it, take care of them and really consider the potential back lash of wearing them as a biracial women. If she chose to do so, then I would support her 100%.

  • Ndidi - 8 years ago

    All other races keep their hair in natural styles, but t is only when we Africans or African-heritage people wear our hair in locs (and afros) that all of a sudden there's a problem. I am tired of Black folk who are ashamed of their African-ness. Such should really keep their psychiatric issues to themselves. As for other races, they are totally irrelevant. We give other races importance by caring about their foolishness. We really need to have our own schools and businesses etc so we won't feel intimidated or threatened by those who don't belong to our race. A child who has the sense to want his/her locked should be allowed to do so. It is a NATURAL hair style! It is how God made us! Why should that scare us?

  • Millimoore - 8 years ago

    I believe wearing locs (or natural hair) is a beautiful way for our children to embrace who they are. I can't wait for my daughter to ask for her hair to be loc'd; she is currently relaxed. I would do it in a heartbeat and since I maintain mine, it wouldn't be a challenge or at any additional cost.

  • Jeanette - 8 years ago

    I have loc'd both of my boys hair in the past.

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