What's the highest level of education you've completed?


  • Scott Wierenga - 3 years ago

    I am 71 I was told when I entered college in 1966 that a minimum IQ of 110 would be necessary to achieve a four-year degree.The data presented in this article suggests this claim remains true today.. The distribution of IQ scores below 110 includes say 60-65% of the population. I never held a job that expressly required a college education, though my degree certainly helped me land a few jobs. Many more positions that previously required only high school level, now require college degrees. Where will this leave the 60-65% of the population unable to earn college degrees? Educators obviously must point those students toward the trades for our economy to continue growing.

  • Cortland Richmond - 4 years ago

    I share a career paths with others lacking a degree.

    I probably had the equivalent of an Associates degree when I ran off to the Army at age 17 1/2, in 1962. We really need some way to evaluate autodidact; I had been experimenting with electronics since about 12 years of age and built my own radio receiver ~ 13, acquiring my first Amateur Radio license in (IIRC) 1958.

    After 21 years in uniform, doing communications, avionics (four years as a course instructor), plus. during my last assignment was tasked to replace a staff of five in designing switched telephone networks. We never know what we know until we're tested to do something we never studied

    It gets better: Along with many others with autism – diagnosed at age 67 – I'd learned or taught myself enough that, on retiring from the Army, I was able to walk into a career as an Electromagnetic Compatibility engineer. I'm 75, and I just finished another contract.

    From the For What It's Worth department: The Army GT score I got in 1962 is slightly higher than what Mensa requires. The map is not the territory – and credentials aren't an education.

  • Ray L Walker - 4 years ago

    i am 87 yrs old. finished 10th grade in 1947. got GED in Marine Corps 1949.
    joined Mensa 1976/78. 134 IQ Self educated.

  • fred sanford - 5 years ago

    The vast difference in quality and content of an education from different eras, regions, schools and programs makes it very difficult to correlate any of this information presented here to the vague phrase "years of education." What was taught in the 6th grade in many places is now taught in high school. Likewise with college, where an AS or AA is really just grades 13 & 14 in much of the country.

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