What deters you from using public transport?


  • Cat - 10 years ago

    Security which will act and deter anti social behaviour. A system similar to that at the football where one can send a message re the anti social behaviour and not feel intimidated or scared by those on the trains

  • Travis - 10 years ago

    As parking is too expensive in the city, I now rely on transperths trains daily to and from work. Sundays, they don't start operating until 7am and working early mornings I'm now forced to drive into the city and pay for parking. The time tables are out of touch as Perth is now operating 7 day trading in the city and all around the metropolitan area. Adding pay parking to all bays at the stations beginning July is also another cost burden, already they are charging too much for non concession card holders.

  • Larisa - 10 years ago

    Anti-social behaviour would be just one reason for me, but mostly infrequency of the bus services and inconvenient connecting services to get to and from a train route. There needs to be a more extensive rail system.

  • Craig Elphick - 10 years ago

    More than 1 reason, mostly overcrowding, but also lack of parking unless you get there at 0600am on weekdays and now being charged to park as well so also brings in cost as is now approaching a heavier cost than driving.

  • Coralie - 10 years ago

    I catch the bus and train at least 5 times a week my journey starts before 7am and ends after 7pm after 7pm the bus doesn't meet the schedules train so I am left waiting for connecting transport but worse than that is the stench foul odor that wafts on the train I use the Mandurah line it's not all carts and thankfully I can walk through to find a slightly less pungent cart but is it that hard to freshen up the smell

  • Freya - 10 years ago

    Feeling unsafe is my only reason for not catching public transport. I have been attacked just outside Perth train station and my sister has had her wallet stolen at Bayswater train station. One night catching the train home from the city there was a group of males on the Midland line being verbally abusive and threatening all the passengers, with no Transit guard in sight. When I called Transperth to report this, they explained that there had been a security car following the train. I don't know what good this was supposed to do when the problem was happening on the train.

  • Bianca - 10 years ago

    I use public transport to get to Curtin university on a regular basis. My issue is that they run a train that doesn't stop at Canning bridge during peak hour due to the fact that their is no parking at canning bridge? Excuse me but there is SO many students at that hour, and I'm so sick of having to get off at cockburn to switch trains. This is a hassle that is easily avoidable. Never mind the fact that they run 3-car trains during peak hour, the forever increasing price, the lack of frequency during weekends, the lack of security during night time, and overall just the poor bus timetable.

  • chris - 10 years ago

    Weekend Timetables are horrid especially sunday.. after 8:30pm on sunday you can't get a bus up wannaroo road from perth.. They need to have more buses meet train stations like in Melbourne as well. Also visiting the hills or national wildlife parks on weekends are useless

  • Simon - 10 years ago

    Early train needed Sunday mornings and transit guards needed on mid arvo trains on weekends , as witness a guy sniffing paint and making a scene scaring 5 elderly people , lots of idiots in the arvo weekend trains , i use public transport 5 days of the week and see alot idiotic behaviour. And finally why do we have a 2 car train service at 4 pm from the city to armadale when it is peak for school kids, this train is jammed pack before leaves the station today witness a wheelchair person who couldn't get on from the hospital at rph. Rant over

  • Narelle - 10 years ago

    The problem for me is the service does not go where I need it to go. I can drive to my destination in 15 minutes, but public transport would take me 1 hour 10 minutes. This is to a public hospital - disappointing. Transport services only adequate if you live on the coastal strip.

  • Richard - 10 years ago

    With Barnett charging more to use trains and now wanting to charge for parking at railway stations, he is doing his utmost to discourage people from using them. Since it is just as expensive to drive into the city, I drive.

  • Pauly - 10 years ago

    Where is the button for all of the above, also i do not live any where near a train station, so to have to drive 15-20 min to get on a train seams like a waste of time!

  • kym - 10 years ago

    it's not just the feeling of not being safe or the antisocial behavior... it's how spineless the transit guards are when it's happening. they're either not around when people need them or put their heads down and move to another carriage to avoid conflict.

  • Awf - 10 years ago

    I'm using it as well, and I totally agree with Linda that the Poor
    frequency of
    services especially at weekends is disappointing.

  • josh n - 10 years ago

    Most of that list... The price, not enough parking over crowded and how long the wait is during peak times

  • Linda - 10 years ago

    I recently sold my car and started using public transport. IT is mostly good, at peak times especially, but it is the offpeak times and weekends when it falls down. When bus frequencies fall to once an hour or half hour, missing a bus, or a bus not running, turns into an intolerable wait. Sundays: getting into town Sunday mornings for a church service means trying to catch infrequent services. Want to dine in town Sunday evening? The bus station closes down by 8 pm and you're on your own.

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