What Southern California race are you running in the fall? Comment why.

  • Cristina - 7 years ago

    Great feedback. Thanks. Yes, I am very intrigued by Revel Canyon.

  • E - 7 years ago

    My opinion....

    Long Beach is a fast flat course but pretty dull and the first half has a lot of concrete.

    Malibu is a scenic course but may not be super fast for some. There are two hills later in the race. The second half runs along a beautiful stretch of the Southern California coast and the first half is flat through farmland. My concern is they haven't updated the website much and one of the race directors left and they have had problems with the half.

    I wish Revel Canyon wasn't the same month as Malibu. It looks like a very fast course.

    I haven't run the Ventura Marathon but I know the area and it would be a fast flat course if there is no wind. The downside of Ventura is that you could only use it as a Boston Qualifier for 2015, not 2016 like the others since it is probably a week before the qualifying window for 2016 begins.

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